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  1. [FM11] Cymru fo am byth! (Prestatyn)

    Quick question? How good is the best player in the WPL who's not from your club? As Ajax I'm trying to build up the Eredivise rep (although obviously it's easier than Wales!) and after about 9 seasons my rivals are seriously good
  2. It's his thread mate, let him get on with it ffs.
  3. any chance of montes screenie? or just tell us where he plays?!
  4. Wow you're doing seriously well am always impressed with people who do well in this challenge, I know I could never do so!
  5. YES! He's back. Great update mate, am chuffed ot hear that you have 4 weeks free, I for one will be following very closely.
  6. Would really love Dave to return at some point because not only do I love this thread, I'd love to have the database as well!
  7. Dave I am enjoying this read more than anything I have seen on the forums in the last few years, I love the idea, may try and set it up myself sometimes but at the moment just loving your thread! The only thing that would make this better would be Iker Muniain, one of my favourite players in world football, to accept a call-up to Pays Basque. Keep it up!
  8. DSYoung - I love reading your updates, very funny, and informative and you're doing seriously well! Keep it up! Especially loved 'he's got a real nose for goal'. Alan Partridge stuff!
  9. Do I have to download the first one before version 2? Or does v2 include v1 as well?
  10. Downloading now. Super-excited...
  11. I did, but which French manager was going to replace him then? Maybe the French FA were loyal after what he did in Germany.
  12. Or his World Cup Final appearance.... oh. Don't get me wrong, i don't like him, but I think that's probably why he's still got the job.
  13. Very interesting. That is quite a shock, I have to admit! Is that Domenech trying to prove he is 'strong'? Who is M'Vila and what does he do?
  14. World Cup WAG's

    They're all pretty unbelievable!
  15. World Cup writers wanted

    Have just finished my France Squad article - it took me such a long time but was great fun!