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  1. Possibly a useful tactic away from home vs stronger sides, or a good base tactic for a 'underdog' side though?
  2. I enjoyed this tactic on previous version but have struggled on beta. using a strong(ish) spurs team I found both this tactic saw me getting battered by the 'bigger' clubs at home, though was good away from home. Tried the 4-3-3 fro home games with mixed results. One thing I find is that any 3 at the back system (or narrow 4 at the back system) that utilises attacking wing backs places a very high premium on the attacking performance of the wing backs - they are the ones getting in the best positions to create goal scoring chances and are often the ones getting on the end of them. Even with top quality wing backs these players do not really have the right attributes to execute in the attacking third. Have switched to a 4-4-2 for the new season so that the more naturally attack minded players are the ones getting the chances! Kudos to Rosler though, great tactic on the old match engine, I just couldn't stand playing the game on thst ME though, hence the switch to beta, which is proving to be a much more enjoyable playing experience thus far!
  3. No previous versions available. Anything else I can try? Been playing this save for 18 months :-(
  4. any help appreciated...................
  5. No "saved game could not be loaded"
  6. I saved my game yesterday (the same way as always) but when I have just tried to load it doesn't appear under most recent, when I access it through load game there is no preview and after a couple of seconds I get a message saying 'the save game could not be loaded'. Help me please!
  7. Hi Knap - did you have any luck testing the IF version of this tactic? Thanks
  8. And then a couple of games later against an unbeaten Utd side who had been scoring goals for fun............
  9. Jus wanted to post a screenshot of a result I just had using this as it was insane :-) FYI I am in my 4th season with Spurs - have been using this as my main tactic from the get-go and won the following: Season 1 - Premier League and League Cup Season 2 - Community Shield, FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League Season 3 - Community Shield, European Super Cup, World Club Cup, Premier League and Champions League Season 4 (so far) - Community Shield and European Super Cup At home this tactic is practically unbeatable and I regularly defeat big teams convincingly. The only change I have made is to change one of the CM's from CM(A) to Advanced Playmaker(A). On the road I have sometimes struggled (particularly against 4-2-3-1) and for away games against the big sides or in Europe I will usually use a tweaked version of Burnums double Volante .
  10. Hi Knap, apologies if this is slightly off topic but - I do love a tactic with wingers as opposed to IF's :-) Have you tried/though about creating a tactic with this kind of formation? Cheers
  11. Haven't tried it yet, wasn't sure how the update would affect it. It is my favourite formation though
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