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  1. It´s a brilliant work of a FMSITE partner. The DB status is "WIP" but you can play until "Tercera División" (4th level) without problems. In FMSite are working to get more realism until 6th level, but there are a lot of problems with the rules in lower divisions.
  2. Hi Dan! The Master Regulations for the NLS says: Reserve teams, including a team from a club or Club which is not considered by the LC to be sufficiently separate from another club or Club, will not be permitted to compete above Step 6 in the NLS. There must be a minimum of two Steps between a first and reserve team. This does not apply at Steps 6 & 7. No two teams from the same Club can play at the same Step. Reserve teams currently at Step 5 can remain unless relegated, once relegated they will not be permitted to be promoted back to Step 5. Here is the link: http://thurlownunnleague.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/FINAL-MASTER-Regulations-for-the-NLS-season-2015.16-July-2015-1.doc It´s possible to solve this? This option is marked in league of steps 6&7 in your brilliant DB. Thanks!
  3. Of course! This is the link of the Spanish forum: http://www.fmsite.net/foro/topic/66327-liga-de-las-islas-canarias/ I would translate you the feedbacks if you don´t understand spanish... although my english is very poor. Cheers!
  4. Hi, Can I change the name of the competitions and awards to give more realism? For example, is not "La Canaria Premira". It would be: "La Primera Canaria". And not "La Canaria Uno", it must be "La Segunda Canaria". If you want I do this work for you Jimbow. Thanks for the work!!
  5. Hi, the spanish groups of D5 are wrong. The teams are mixed in wrong groups.
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