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  1. First of all that is two results not exactly a seasons worth, second of all Fulham are shocking away and last but certainly not least, one was the FA cup the other was a league match so I fail to see the comparison. But wait, if Barcelona lost to a team in the 3rd tier of Spanish football in theory that means it should happen and it's realistic because it happened once. Also, didn't UTD hit the bar about 4 times and pretty much destroy Fulham even away? and Fulham are actually decent at home yet on FM you play teams with 2 home wins all season that suddenly perform against the best in the division. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/tables/_/league/eng.1/barclays-premier-league?cc=5739# I don't see much of a gulf here. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/tables/live/_/league/ger.1/german-bundesliga?cc=5739 Nor here. I still say there is a gulf and that home is too easy yet away is too hard and you need to work 3 or 4 times as hard away to win and sure away matches are better but that only counts for some of it, this happening every away match is different.
  2. Why would I have to make stuff up on a forum full of people I don't know? are you one of these FM die hard fanboys that believe the game is perfect and anything wrong with it is the user not the game or something? how can it be false then, how can you beat Juventus 9-1 at home playing world class football then struggle against teams 19th in the league playing pub team football, or wait, I just made that up as well, right? I guess you must be a super manager if your players play the same way both home and away but based on this thread alone not everyone agrees with you but hey, we are all telling lies here except you, bellend. Last season: home 19, won 18 drew 1 scoring 70 goals conceding 4. away 19, won 14 drew 4 lost 1 scoring 39 goals conceding 11 First season: home 19, won 18 drew 1 lost 0 scored 62 conceded 7 away 19, won 14 drew 5 lost 0 scored 56 conceded 19 Oh and it's every team, Real Madrid went 16-2-1 at home in first season yet 9-6-4 away and in my last season they went 17-2-0 at home and 12-4-3 away conceding 22 away yet 5 at home. So in my opinion the difference between home and away IS big even for the best in the world and this was the top two in one league. It's not even about losing away matches to good sides because it's always against teams in the bottom half, it's pretty amazing to think you can destroy the best clubs in the world at home yet go away to the team bottom of La Liga and you struggle like hell, but sure it's just me being crap I guess definitely not the players, after all it's 100% down to me what they do and how they perform on this game so if they can't pass that's me being rubbish.
  3. How many teams have £194M flat out to spend all at once on a player? and why would you NOT like Barcelona or me, a world class manager on the game that even Messi and the rest of the squad likes? I did unsettle him and he did say he wanted to leave and I fail to see how you can get him for £30M which is pennies for him when on my game he was listed for £65M. And that is my point, he said he wanted to leave yet they turned down £194M only to accept £65M 2-4 weeks later, surely this makes no sense? it's like RVP saying he wants to leave Arsenal and them turning down £80M only to ask for £20M 2 weeks later.
  4. So you're saying it's the managers fault your team of world class passers can go longer pass? it's my fault my team can no longer win balls, tackle or do anything a league two side can do? I find that incredibly hard to believe. Biggest problem this game has is the ball is infected with aids or something and players don't want to touch it and this is more evident away.
  5. Managers on this game get fired constantly and I mean constantly, Moyes is always sacked within two seasons for me and in those two years most clubs in the Premiership have new managers, it's ridiculous in all honesty. Infact, out of all teams in the Premiership I'd be surprised if ANY after my two years have the original manager still there.
  6. To be honest man in all the years I've played FM I can never remember a single good youth intake I had regardless of my club or facilities hence why I spend a ton on other clubs young players.
  7. Why would your approach be the problem? how can your approach at home against Bayern Munich result in a 6-0 win and your team being the best in the world and proving it differ so much in the next match against a team 17th in the league where, with the same team and formation, your team are now a pub team who can't hit a barn door, win a ball or even pass a ball, so I fail to see how my approach has anything to do with it. Plus, I beat Madrid 5-0 at home, Juventus 9-1 at home and PSG 6-0 at home yet time and time again away from home I'm no longer watching Barcelona, I'm watching Barcelona B. There is only so much you can do and with this years ME you have even less control over your players so I honest to god fail to see how a different approach will make your team perform as good away as they do at home, tactics do help and you may still win but the performance is like chalk and cheese.
  8. Thought I'd try and sign Diego Milito as a coach since Inter released him and he only wanted to be Director of Football, guess how much he wanted? £115k. Hilarious. Put it this way, if Neymar costs £194M on this game (unless listed) then I guess you can double that at least for Messi or Ronaldo.
  9. Just wondered how many mistakes your team makes over the course of a season and how many of them lead to goals, I've just won the CL aka my last game of the season and my team has made 1001 total mistakes which counted for 12 of the 40 goals I conceded which means 1/4 of goals I let in are from my own players being bellends, maybe it's just me but that's quite a lot so is the 1001 mistakes made considering I only played 65 matches so maybe the stats are wrong I have no idea but that means on average my players make 15 mistakes per game, I guess it's no surprise De Gea is the worst with 39 mistakes and 3 leading to goals. So aye just wondering what stats you guys have and maybe you can mention the best mistake your player made leading to a goal for the opposing team, mine was when De Gea, against Bayern Munich in the CL semi final passed the ball straight to Gomez nowhere near any of my players who then took it with wrapping paper and all before slotting it into the back of the net, one of the best mistakes leading to a goal I have ever seen.
  10. This is on by default and I found it annoying as hell to be fair, it should be OFF by default instead of me having to tick the box every time I search so I hope to god this is changed in an upcoming patch.
  11. Just thought I'd add that after turning my £160M offer down last month I then found Neymar transfer listed for, wait for it, £65M which obviously got accepted so aye just thought it was funny they turned down £160M after wanting £194M then a month or even less later only want £65M, just goes to further show in my opinion how broken transfers and contracts are.
  12. Already done all that mate, soon as he announced he wanted to leave for a new challenge I said I'd do everything I could to sign him then his reply was he will wait till an offer is made yet I made a ton of offers starting all the way from £50M up to £160M and not once did it unsettle him, why not? you want to leave a club and the best club in the world puts in a huge offer and you don't even say to the club why not accept? it happened to me when my players became unhappy because I refused them permission to speak to other clubs yet Neymar who even wanted to leave didn't care less? Not really the point, a lot of the players as good as him still cost close to £100M on this game, I mean I could make offers and try to buy some top quality players and list how much the club want for them and I'm sure the prices would be a lot more than Ronaldo went to Madrid for, which btw was the biggest transfer in history yet I remember for a laugh I tried to buy Rooney in FM12 and he cost me over £100M as well so these transfers are far from realistic.
  13. Aye they dropped the ball on this one, no idea why they took such a massive gamble and released an ME in the state it was and currently is in, surely it makes sense to develop it in studio and give it a proper test before adding it into the next installment of FM and I hate to think how much testing it got considering the sorry state it was in, it's kinda like Windows releasing an operating system they gambled on and barely tested, to me it's a massive mistake and very amateurish from SI. As I said the game feels like a beta because of the ME, everything else is pretty much sorted except the main bit, I'd still love to know why they put this ME in FM13 and didn't develop it further first. You develop something then release it yet SI seemed to have adopted the opposite strategy where they release it then develop it, I'll still buy FM14 regardless and hope they won't make the same mistake twice.
  14. Well the ME is pretty terrible and puts me off plus you never know when a patch is coming and if it will be the last one or the one to make it more enjoyable so you kinda just wait and wait for a patch then it comes and the ME is still bad, sometimes previous patches just made it worse so for me FM13 doesn't even count it's like the game is an open beta for the ME which in my opinion will be months before it's playable so yeah, FM13 is an open beta and I hope to god FM14 is nothing like this.
  15. I end up paying roughly £15M, UTD bought a French player who was 5 stars PA for something like £875k and less than a season later I ended up paying £18M for him, good business for them I guess. I always buy a ton of young players and anything less than 4 stars isn't worth it which means my u19 team ends up costing more than half of the Premiership teams if not more plus in FM13 you have 15/16 year olds wanting £40K a week meaning my u19 team goes through more money than first teams but I guess it's worth it.
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