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  1. Anyone else get shafted by players getting called-up for the Olympics? Had De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Cleverley, Fletcher, Young, Rooney, Munian, Welbeck, and Hernandez called-up, which completely ruined my pre-season. On top of that Young and Rooney got 3-4 week injuries during the tournament and Hernandez, Rafael, De Gea and Munian only returned on the morning of my first league game...away to City. I hope this doesn't happen in real life.
  2. How are you guys getting on with Anderson? My coaches recommend I play him as a ball-winning midfielder but I have Fletcher and M'Vila who are better at that role than him. My plan was to rotate him with Giggs as a slightly more attack minded midfielder but he's not really impressed. I'm considering letting him go and going for Modric in the summer.
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