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  1. Understood. I'll see if I can find a file for 2016 from this forum and see if I have any further issues. Thanks Neil.
  2. I've downloaded a tactic posted by another use here, and I get an error message when trying to use it on FM16. It's also giving me an error message when trying to use three separate tactic files that I used in FM15. Why is this? The error messages simply says, "This file could not be imported". I have saved all of the files in the Tactics folder.
  3. For me, the transfer system needs a serious overhaul. More specifically, the valuations placed on players is absolutely ridiculous. As Arsenal, I offered £140m to Milan for Balotelli, and £120m to Juventus for Pogba, and both were rejected! Insanity! When trying to sign youth players from English clubs, they want monstrous amounts of money for them. 16yr olds with valuations of over £20m is absolutely ludicrous.
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