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  1. New signings are rated by their previous club's researcher, and he'll be moved to the Newcastle researcher for the next version of the game. And the Newcastle researcher has recently changed, so you dont know how rash the current one is
  2. Whats a good pub near your ground to watch games at? Meeting a few friends in London on saturday and want to watch the game somewhere with a decent atmosphere.
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned already but is there no middleground on the "Receive news about: Completed transfers"? I dont really want to hear which coaches Wigan have brought in, but I wouldnt mind hearing when Chelsea spend 30m on a player.
  4. Cazorla is awesome. Was a great game, you lot were superb all over the pitch (apart from cb, but maybe that was just Carroll?). Giroud wasnt great, but neither was Gervinho so for me your best front three is Walcott/Podolski/? (Chamberlain?) judging by what I've seen this season, albeit not a great deal beyond today. As I said you were impressive all over, full backs were immense as were the midfield trio, but its worth repeating - Cazorla is awesome.
  5. After getting a new laptop I decided it was a good enough excuse to start a new West Ham game. I brought in Bressan and Joe Lewis, as well as loaning Miyaichi and Danny Wilson. Lost Green and Collison to some pretty big bids (9m for the pair), and sold Sears, Piquionne and Faubert meaning I've got a lot to spend in January should I need to. Cole is just ridiculous as a Poacher (as I posted before, I got him scoring 50+ last time), and I've managed to get Nolan playing well too now.
  6. Last season my AML and AMR were ML and MR, and it was Matt Taylor and Bentley/Faubert. Wanted to bring a bit of creativity in this year though so made the positions more attacking. Nolan got 6 goals, 7 assists and averaged 7.09. Not amazingly well, but he is just there to make sure we keep the ball, and to move it on to the attacking players.
  7. Cole - http://s7.postimage.org/cfe2jj3t5/cole50.jpg My Team for the second season and assault on the Prem - http://s9.postimage.org/rz58bdopp/whuteam.jpg
  8. Ive been playing with my housemate, him as Leicester and me as West Ham. First season I comfortably won the league finishing on 111 points, having both scored the most goals and conceded the fewest. Carlton Cole got a ridiculous 50 league goals (playing as a Poacher). My only permanent signing in the first season was Bressan, though I got Wilson, Fleck, Shelvey, Gibbs, Chamberlain, Badu and Babacar on loan at various points.
  9. Gerrard is England manager on my current save. Quite incredibly, Zola is about to embark on his 19th year of management with West Ham. Modric is managing Premier league side Huddersfield. Milner is managing Portsmouth. David Healy is the Chelsea Boss. Chivu is managing Liverpool and Lescott is managing Sunderland.
  10. Ah really? I assumed the 'Moo-Near El Ham-' bit, but never knew 'daoui' was simply pronounced like that. Edit: Or maybe not! :\
  11. Anyone got a suggestion for how to pronounce 'Mounir El Hamdaoui' please? Thanks
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