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  1. Hi, I've posted during beta that there was a misleading translation/interpretation error in my save with PSG when it said that it wanted me to buy players that played for a french club. Now I'm managing Dortmund and the club vision says that I've got to "sign german players", but it isn't translated into portuguese by that phrasing. It should be "Contratar jogadores Alemães".
  2. Hi, I think that it is a translation/interpretation error in portuguese. I've been playing it and it still applies to all of the transfers of players not in France (country) as a warning from the board. File uploaded: Diogo Carvalho - Paris Saint-Germain (v03).fm
  3. Playing as PSG and made made a bid to sign Odsonne Edouard - Have to sign french players because it's one of the agreed club vision objectives and I haven't signed enough french players - The bid is accepted, contract terms accepted and the board doesn't allow the transfer because it says that he isn't a french player I think that this is either a bug or a interpretation error from my end. The meaning might be "players playing in France" and not "French players". If it's a interpretation error from my part it isn't well translated into Portuguese
  4. I've made it work by installing a previous NVIDEA driver, the one released on October. I've found out that some Fallout 4 players had the same issue and managed to fix it by either installing a previous driver or by reducing the overclosking of the card. I've tried to get the one released on the beginning of the month (not the current one) and it didn't work. Tried it again with the one released in October and it worked fine. What amazes me in all this is the fact that I've got the most recent drivers installed since the released day (the 11th I think) and it didn't gave any issues until yesterday. There are also more players reporting this issue on Reddit's page dedicated to FM. I've explained there what I've done and believe they have all followed my solution. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm having the same issue. I'm using windows 10 and it was working fine yesterday. It seems that in my case the problem is related to a issue with the Nvidea Kernel, that stops working. I've already checked if the last updates were instaled and they were. I've also checked the chache twice, but since it seems to be a graphic issue I don't think it would solve anything. Thanks EDIT: I've got a message from windows that states the following - The NVIDEA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 358.91, stopped working and recovered. Well, I don't know what recovered from, but game is frozen and can't even close it.
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