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  1. During match a player from my team and the opponent got a light injury, the game asked me if I wanted to sub the opponents player out, clicked sub and after the game I now am having the opponents team talk and after that the team I manage
  2. Wanted to see goal match highlights from a game, the highlights screen turned black and froze all of the screen, had to close the game down through task manager
  3. Having the same issue in my save in the danish league, almost every penalty given, is after a what in the match engine looks like a clean tackle
  4. Same issue, can only select replay highlights from match, but can't continue
  5. When you are switching player before making a sub, when the sub happens the players are moved back, so when taking a striker out for a defender in case of a red card, it will switch players around so a striker is in defense and the defender is in attack
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