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  1. I just found out that it would cost Spurs 40million Euros to buy out Mourinho's contract at the end of the 2020-21 season. I suspect that this will be too big a proverbial pill to swallow for a club not known for fiscal extravagance.
  2. Italian clubs change managers more often than some people change their socks. Mourinho wouldn't get a top job, but he could certainly get on with a club like Sampdoria like Ranieri has. This is probably beneath Jose thoughtcrimes and he'd likely turn to something outside of management.
  3. I think that you nailed it on Spurs. I'm not a massive fan of the club, but enjoyed some online radio analysis of the club. The always controversial Roy Keane did make a valid point that other than Kane (and in my mind Son), they don't have anywhere near the talent that the top 3 have. You mentioned West Ham, and I think that the talent level between he two clubs is pretty similar. There are also evidently some dressing room issues and I think that the debacle v. Dinamo Zagreb might have been the result of that.
  4. I'm don't think that is the best way to look at the issue. Mourinho's quote actually is more of an entree into the subject and any mention of Spurs seems to ignite passions on these boards. Space oriented teams most often mark zonally or with a mix of man and zonal and they don't press much if at all. At most they sometimes react to cues from the other team that trigger traps and presses. This is sadly almost impossible to replicate in FM. You are correct in saying that they trying to get the other team to make a mistake rather applying constant pressure (counter pressing) to retrieve t
  5. Thanks for the reply heutheo. Defensive Wingers are an under appreciated role in FM, especially in attacking/positive tactics. I miss being able to place them in the AML/R slots.
  6. Which version of the tactic are you using? Combing back through the thread it appears to have evolved.
  7. Crusaderstar, Your points are well taken. Creating a tactic that is faithful to reality AND also effective is far harder in FM than simply creating a tactic which is effective. For example, IMO, the downsides of pressing aren't where they should be. Not major complaint, it just needs some tuning for FM21.
  8. Getafe fouls A LOT, but most of them are tactical which is the source of the yellow cards. An Attacking mentality and Get Stuck In will have them sliding in all of the place. Less so on balanced. I need to consider the two central midfield roles a bit. I guess that the only way to what works best is to try the tactic with both settings.
  9. That may be valid regarding the 4-2-2-2 as opposed to the conventional 4-4-2. With he more conventional formation I would use a Ball Winning Midfielder (s) and a Box-to-Box Midfielder. The red card total is very deceptive. Three of the seven were for a post-match fight v. Villareal with another being given to Nyom post match when he returned v. Atletico Madrid. From open play Getafe had a measly 3 red cards so "Get Stuck In" will have players leaving their feet ant THAT IS NOT part of Bordalas' defensive philosophy which emphasized keep shape and mutual support. What I think that G
  10. Jean, Bordalas is a great manager who has, regardless of Getafe's poor run after the return to play, done an incredible job of transforming a squad with average talent into a top La Liga side. He's a bit like the Sean Dyche of Spain. Regarding his tactics, while I appreciate the effort, I think that you're a bit off of the mark. Having watched 15-20 Getafe matches since 2017/18 here are my observations. Getafe lines up in a 4-2-2-2 under any and all circumstances. Sometimes it looks a bit like a 4-2-2-1-1, but that's a function of the supporting forward's role rather than his
  11. I'm just starting to delve into FM20. Is there any discernible difference between the IF role and the new IW role when assigned to the AM strata? If so, what are they?
  12. No doubt that your tactic is working well for you but is doesn't really bear much resemblance to the way that Norway played under Drillo. His first consideration was have a secure defense, so until late in his career he always used a 451, 4141 template. Within that. like all good managers, he made adjustments based upon the opposition. That's why the "Flo pass" was used sporadically and for a very short time (1992-94). It not only required a dominant wide player, but also a left back, in this case Stig Bjornebye, who deliver pinpoint passes from deep. Drillo admitted that it was actuall
  13. I do feel you on this and hopefully SI addresses the issue in FM20. Specifically, the use of the narrow 433, a totally unrealistic tactic IRL because of it's inherent vulnerabilities, has been a cheat when used either by human players or by the AI.
  14. I really suggest that you do take the time to read through paragraphs, if not more on how to set up tactics. It won't suck the life out of you when you have the satisfaction of building an effective tactic or tactics. I also suggest that you read through Rashidi's posts and watch a few of his video (as time allows because they can be long and involved) because he has more "stick time" with FM than anyone else who I can think of who posts here. Successful tactics require an understanding of team and player instructions instructions, along with player roles and how they interact with
  15. Simoene's tactics are not about formations, nor are they formationally rigid, though he does require complete adherence to the plan. He had spent the bulk of his playing career in Italy and that influenced his initial style of play. When he arrived at Atleti he found a team of disparate parts that was playing far below it's potential. That was in fact the recent history of the club. His first task was the stabilize the situation and impose (that cannot be emphasized enough) his ideas on the club. If a player wasn't capable or willing to abide by this they were benched and eventually jett
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