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  1. Thanks for that. When I get home after Xmas I'll update the file. Think the editor update has caused this problem.
  2. Make sure you only have one of the extra files selected. Having both selected would cause a conflict.
  3. I tested three years. There is no champions league. The league reputations are all pretty high with div ten having a reputation similar to Serie A. This was done to prevent the teams in that division losing all their star players immediately. As the game progresses league reps will change as will teams reps to match the divisions. It will take a while but eventually all the teams in the Concacaf tier 11s reps should be similar to the Uefa sections.
  4. Seedings should come into play in the inter and world club cups now that si have fixed the problem. Imagine a new game would be needed.
  5. Potm motm ypofm ypoty poty moty ppoty mpoty totw and a few others
  6. Yeah I use Dropbox so when I save it in my Dropbox folder the download file will update
  7. No problems at all. People can share this about as much as they wish as long as they don't claim it's their own work
  8. Can't you just make the regionals extinct
  9. The seeding doesn't work. It's a known problem apparently
  10. You can add yourself as San Marino manager with fmrte. I did it with El Salvador once
  11. Yeah I updated that last night so if you redownload that will be fixed I was silly assuming the default would be goal difference, goals scored.
  12. I have a spread sheet sorted for right down to a 21st tier. I'm not so sure many machines will run 76 divisions
  13. ive set regional boundaries but there is some minor overlap. They should really go into the right division but there is no guarantee that the 6 teams relegated will fit 1 into each sub division. Therefore there may be some that fall into the wrong division
  14. the game is loaded with shed loads of prize money and tv money right throughout all the tiers although it seems ive missed some on the ICC. Ive done this to try and make it as even of a playing field as possible so as not to isolate the top division with shed loads of money. The league is isolated but there is three cups that come with it. The World Club Cup is a champions league replacement and the ICC is the EURO Cup replacement with the VB cup the FA cup equivalent All regens will mainly be from the clubs correct league as i changed the based nation back to their correct nation after adding them to the leagues.
  15. had to make a couple of changes. Got div 11 conmebol and concacaf mixed up. Sorted now
  16. Maybe already suggested but how about on the prize money screen having an autofill option where you select the 1st place prize then select an increment and click autofill. Also when you add a new line it should default to 2nd place then 3rd place etc instead of just 1st place
  17. I think it's hard coded into the game
  18. Some notable clubs Corinthians/Sao Paulo - two non European teams in the top flight. Chivas - highest non euro/south American team in division 3 New York/Galaxy - two American teams just make the cut for the big ten. Rangers - a reprieve from small time Scotland but still three promotions from Celtic. Just scraped into the big ten in last place. Leeds - the lowest ranked Playable English side down in the twelfth tier ES Tunis - The best rated African side with a great chance of promotion to the big ten. Real Espana - The lowest rep manageable team hails from Honduras Waterhouse - the lowest rep team in the unplayable 13th teir hails from Jamaica
  19. The International Super league all teams have been placed in order of their in game reputation Format All divisions bar the Uefa regionals (24) have 18 teams per division. 3 up three down in the top ten divisions then 6 down from the tenth division. One into each regional, with one from each promoted into division ten. Then two up two down between the regionals. International Super League Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 9 Division 10 Division 11 Regionals -Concacaf -Conmebol -Caf -Afc (incl. Oceana) -Uefa 1 -Uefa 2 Division 12 Regionals -Concacaf -Conmebol -Caf -Afc -Uefa 1 -Uefa 2 Division 13 Regionals (unplayable) Cups World Club Cup All 90 teams from top five divisions 1st Qual - 72 teams 2nd Qual - 36 teams 9 groups of 4 - 18 winners from previous rounds join 18 more teams in the groups Round if 16 - 9 group winners and best 7 losers Quarters Semi Final Intercontinental Club Cup Same format as World but with divisions 6-10. VB Cup 512 teams from top twelve tiers face of in a straight knock out all in no seedlings cup. 9 rounds Exhibition Cup Winners of world and intercontinental face off in season curtain raiser. ------------------- Downloads Download with 8 team championship play off Download with no play off This replaces the English leagues so select England then Select the level you wish to go down to. On my i3 3gb laptop I'm able to run all twelve playable divisions with a large database at 2 stars.
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