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  1. Thanks for that. When I get home after Xmas I'll update the file. Think the editor update has caused this problem.
  2. Make sure you only have one of the extra files selected. Having both selected would cause a conflict.
  3. I tested three years. There is no champions league. The league reputations are all pretty high with div ten having a reputation similar to Serie A. This was done to prevent the teams in that division losing all their star players immediately. As the game progresses league reps will change as will teams reps to match the divisions. It will take a while but eventually all the teams in the Concacaf tier 11s reps should be similar to the Uefa sections.
  4. Seedings should come into play in the inter and world club cups now that si have fixed the problem. Imagine a new game would be needed.
  5. Potm motm ypofm ypoty poty moty ppoty mpoty totw and a few others
  6. Yeah I use Dropbox so when I save it in my Dropbox folder the download file will update
  7. No problems at all. People can share this about as much as they wish as long as they don't claim it's their own work
  8. Can't you just make the regionals extinct
  9. The seeding doesn't work. It's a known problem apparently
  10. You can add yourself as San Marino manager with fmrte. I did it with El Salvador once
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