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  1. Not everyone else, changing numbers into bars was always the first thing I'd do in FM; very disappointed to see them missing. Please SI, tell us they're making a comeback in the full release!
  2. Hmm... are the agents supposed to laud the just-drafted new players to clubs? I just had a new batch of youth appear at the club, and the next day an agent appeared and advertised one of them to me...
  3. Happened to me as well; attributes of all the managers you created after your first one seem to be getting replaced with those of the original one. I wonder if deleting older profiles before creating a new one would help, haven't tried that yet.
  4. Sorry if it has been mentioned before, but is it still possible to ask your player to leave his agent? Or has this option been dropped? Can't seem to be able to find it anywhere... Cheers.
  5. It does refer to FM15, forgot to specify, sorry I'm not sure if it's a bug or not - I just don't believe they should be allowed so much time off. Will post this in the bug forum just in case. Thanks
  6. Is it intended that playing in the Polish second division (I liga) players leave on a winter holiday for two and a half month? I mean of course winter there can be quite harsh and there's no football played for a while, but surely the teams should report back for training a bit sooner than February the 4th? They're professional footballers after all - they could train indoors, go for an abroad training camp - anything would be preferred to staying out of training for 10 weeks for certain. In fact I'm pretty sure they used to come back earlier (just after the New Year IIRC) in previous versions
  7. Is there any chance the numbers on the players' shirts in 3D could get a little bigger? I'm playing a team wearing mainly red tops, with white numbers - and most of the time I really struggle trying to figure out which of my players is which... Also, on some, especially more rundown pitches the ball is really difficult to follow - perhaps it could be made a bit darker or something? And one other thing - could the buttons 'Approach to sign' and 'Scout Player' on the agent offer screen be swapped? You normally want to scout a player before offering him a contract, so it'd make more sense havin
  8. Did you remember to clear the cache and reload the skin? Other than that I wouldn't know, I just copied the folders I used for FM14 and it works fine.
  9. Why is it so? Did for example Bayern not secure Lewandowski's signature half a year before his Dortmund contract ran out?
  10. Yes (I had no idea of that until I googled the name though; same goes for a good few people on that list), but there are easily hundreds of Thomases Hamiltons living around the globe... Oh well, easy enough to edit at your own discretion I suppose.
  11. I like how you can change the match commentary field to black and white, rather than using the club colours. Any chance for a similar option for the sidebar?
  12. Heh, Vladimir Putin made it to the list But why would you ban a Thomas Hamilton? That's a rather common name...
  13. That actually makes perfect sense - seeing that SI stands for Spanish Inquisition.
  14. I"m pretty sure they're not releasing codes until just before the start of beta. So have some patience and wait a week or so...
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