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  1. Seems like AI, a couple of years down the line, doesn't sign any goalies.
  2. I've enjoyed playing FMM during my summer holiday. It's a lot of fun and highly addictive just like FM should be. There is an ongoing debate whether FMM is to easy or not. In my opinion there will always be someone who creates the perfect training regime och the unbeatable tactic. However I've noticed some flaws/issues that, if they were fixed, not only would make the game better but a bit mor challenging regardless of training regimes or tactics. Here are my suggestions on how to fix them. 1. Decrease amount of newgens and add fixed age on all newgens With the current system there is a widespread issue with newgen inflation in the game. The youth promotion thing you've added is great. How about expand that system to all clubs in the game? If that isn't possible you have to code that all newgens in the game are 16-17 years of age. At the moment you got 20-25 year old newgens showing up in various clubs (with high CA and high PA) and they outrival the Donnarummas, Sanches and Diawaras of the game. If these newgens would be 16-17 when they are promoted the Donnarummas, Sanches and Diawaras would have som time to shine before the new generation (the newgens) would become good enough to compete with them. FM should't be a fantasy football game with fictional player names that are way to easy to lure to a League Two team. Another way to solve the issue with newgen inflation is to overhaul the current system of picking players from the large FM databas to the smaller FMM database. The current system seems to be based on CA, PA, the different varieties of reputation, nationality, added leagues/nations and player history? The consequences of this system is a FMM database with many older players (some with high PA) that retire during the first couple of season, ends up as newgens and enhances the issue described above. The aim should instead be a system that sort out players based on age and PA that creates a database that slightly emphasis young and talented players. Most of us would rather like to se all these guys in the database (regardless of the league/nation your playing) instead of a random 34 year old Brazilian. These changes would make the game a bit more realistic and fun to play. Furthermore it would be great if you could make a significant increase in the likelihood for all clubs, but especially top clubs with top and superb youth facilities, to compete to sign promising newgens. For an example a African newgen with a high PA should sooner rather then later be signed by a club high up in the picking order (e.g. Ajax as 16-18 year old) and not stay in his African club until he is 25 when I sign him to my newly promoted conference club. At the moment clubs tend to promote newgens from the same country as the club and if it would be possible to change that it would be great. A African newgen from a french speaking country should be able to be promoted to a french club and a Caribbean newgen to a club i England or the US (and less so to Real Madrid). If these issues were to be solved and it would't be as easy to create a great team based in newgens players the game would be more challenging fore sure. 2. Create more ungrateful and spoiled players Most players in FMM tend to be gentle and good-natured and I doubt that is the case IRL. Your best players should want to move to bigger clubs and your reserves should want to play more. In FMM17 you find a lot of players staying in a top club (e.g. Chelsea) despite only playing a handful of games the last couple of seasons. They won't accept a transfer to another premiership team because the won't move to a smaller club. A player (or player representative) should definitely react to a decline in playing time. If only played 0-15 times a season they should want to leave or go on loan. If this could be fixed we would have a more dynamic och realistic transfer market. Of course you'll always find a Winston Bogarde or two but they are rare. Furthermore players (or player representative) should force player transfers. If not allowed to change clubs you should increase the likelihood of the player to skip training, talk to the press, request a transfer and so on. 3. Significant increase the likelihood of clubs higher up in the picking order signing your best players. If you got players (especially younger players) in your team with an average rating of 7.30+ they should chased and purchased by bigger clubs (regardless of PA). I don't know how the transfer system is worked out in FMM but it seems like the player CA is the most important aspect? I would love to se the average rating having a much more central part to play. If you got a League 2 striker scoring goals for fun he would most definitely attract a lot of interest from other clubs. That in turn could increase the amount of transfer gossip from the media that you as a manager would have to handle. In FMM17 i might get question about transfers from media once or twice in a season and that should happen a lot more often. Maybe a couple of times in a month and every singel day the week leading up to transfer deadline day? Thanks for a great game
  3. Newgen issues

    I've noticed a couple of newgen issues. - Top newgens in minor clubs. There are still a couple of issues with top world class newgens generated to very small clubs and to the free transfer. There's been a big big change since the last patch, good work, but it's still a problem that needs to be tweaked. For an example I've noticed newgens with CA 100 and PA of 180 ending up at Northwich Victoria and Oxford City. - Top newgens with low rep I've noticed that top newgens (CA 120+ PA 160+) seems to have a bit to low reputation or that their reputation doesn't evolve at the same rate as their CA. At the moment I got newgens in rival PL clubs with a CA that should qualify the for a starting position (and even the national team) but they haven't played a single game all season. - Newgens with a way to high starting CA Quite often you see freshly baked newgens with a CA that is in the region of 150-180. We do see wonder kids sometimes IRL but a 16 year old with a CA of 170? That's might happen once every 100 years. - Newgen managers with a high CA Both newgen managers and old players turning in to managers seems to have a bit to high CA. I've noticed that quite a few end up with a CA 170+ but a low reputation. They should have a lower CA and develop a higher CA as they get more experience. - Great newgens only in a few clubs? It would be interesting to know the maths behind the newgen calculation in FMH. Clearly clubs in Spain, Italy and most commonly Man Utd in England generates a lot of very good newgens. Especially the clubs in Spain and Italy seems to generate newgens of all kinds of nationalities and ages (a 23-24 year old newgen in Barca?). I do understand that it might be a bit tricky to solve these issues as the game got a low space of memory and so on. But if it's possible it would be great to try to get more newgens to start in clubs from their home country. For an example there are rarely any good newgens from clubs in Holland, Portugal, Belgium and Scandinavia as they generally start in clubs from Spain and Italy.. A bit to many Brazilian and Argentinian newgens starts in Europe too.
  4. I've reached the year 2015 on a save with Liverpool and it's pretty obvious that teams with a lot of money, like Man City and Chelsea, signs a bit to many top class players. I know that this is a iphone/ipad game and I do understand that it might be a bit tricky to get the home grown player rule or the future financial fair play rules 100% affective in the game. But got to say to you should look at this as it ruins the game a bit. If a club got about 36-37 top world class players in their squad and about 12 of them are offensive midfielders, would they actually go on and sign another one or would any offensive midfielder be that keen joining the club as the competition of the positions are so fierce?
  5. I've noticed that players with preferred role as adv. playmakers generally got a low (about 3-6) creativity attribute and that seems a bit odd as creativity must be the most important attribute for a playmaker, right? We all want to be Maradona but it does seem a bit strange that a PL player with a creativity of 5 wants to play as a adv. playmaker? I haven't done any comprehensive research on the matter just yet but it seems to be quite common, especially after when you've finished a couple of season. There are some other issues preferred role/recommended roll thing. For an example: Does Xavi prefer to play as a box to box mid? Zlatan as a advance forward? He´s a 100% complete forward. Wesley Sneijder should prefer playing as a adv. forward and not as a central mid. Llorente as a deep lying forward? There are a lot of examples and these issues seems to get even bigger as the seasons roll past and the attributes of the players change due to training.
  6. Injury crises bug

    Sorry fore the very late reply. Im afraid I don't have any saved game to share with you. Great that you have the bug under review.
  7. Injury crises bug

    "Injury Crisis [...] The aim of this challenge is to avoid being sacked before the end of the season" I got sacked at the beginning of the 2012/2013 season. So that's clearly a bug. You don't get any season expectations running a challenge, do you? I reckon the expectations for Nottm Forest might be "play off" or a bit lower than that. But as you got about 15-20 points up to the 21st league position when you start the challenge i January, those expectations are impossible to reach and therefore they shouldn't have that much affect on your overall performance as a manager when it's time to sum up the season. Looking at it from an outside perspective it's a bit mad to sack a manager that's started out 15-20 points behind and that during the second half of the season was able to get the team 5 points clear of relegation. And that with a squad full of injuries.
  8. Injury crises bug

    The save was based on the latest patch.
  9. Noticed a major bug recently as I got Nottingham Forest five points clear of relegation but despite this "failed" the challange and got sacked when the 12/13 season started.Pretty frustrating and silly that you miss a huge bug.
  10. Ok, in my opionen this should have a very high priority for FMH13. If not the top priority. Ok, I would like to se a bigger direct impact in rare examples like my career at St. Albans. But I'll stay put for know. I'll get back to you when/if I get a new job..
  11. I reckon it's time to sum up things and give some comprehensive feedback of my FMH12 experience so far. Started out with Coventry and the saviour cometh which is a great future. Good work on that one! I wasn't able to save Coventry and I resigned after the relegation. I kept on playing and after a year of unemployment/vacation I got appointed as manager of the newly promoted Blue square bet south side St. Albans. The club didn't have any players at the start but saw a steady increase of players being promoted from the youth setup during my first weeks as a manager. Here comes the first issues and I would like to give you some feedback on this. 1. To start with it would be a lot more fun and more realistic if there already were players in a club when the club got promoted to the lowest league possible. In this case FMH there should have been already created players, maybe around 10 or so, in the squad. You could create these players while loading the new season right? Some of the players could have been older, some younger, some rubbish and some maybe a bit talented. This way there wouldn't be the same need of newgens from the youth teams. At the moment it's more of a CM2 situation where you get an empty squad, and that nostalgic and great in some ways, but not very realistic. 2. The players promoted to the first team from the St. Albans youth setup was really good. We're talking 16-18 year old players that was running wild in the Blue square bet south side. I won the league with about 110 points (runner up had 74 points) and I scored about 120 goals or so. A lot of the newgens generated from the St. Albans youth setup had extremely high ratings in some of their attributes. Especially in heading and pace were most of the players had 17-19. In general you find a lot of very talented newgens in the lower league teams. I reckon the majority of these players should be generated into clubs with the highest youth facilities, youth coaching, youth recruitment and based in a nation with a decent nation youth rating. From my point of view it seemed as the St. Albans youth setup was more of a Mancherster United youth setup. After winning promotion with St. Albans I felt like trying to find me a new job at a better club. Here comes another issue. 3. I found it more or less impossible to find a job in league football. Don't get me wrong. It should be hard to get a job at a better club and you should only be able to find yourself a new job in a better club if you've been doing very well in your former club. But looking at my record at St. Albans where I guided a newly promoted team, with a squad of 17-18 youngsters and a couple of loanees, to such a great success, there should be some interest from clubs in league 2, at least. I mean my success was pretty extreme in St. Albans. I do know that I wasn't doing as well in Coventry but come on.. If you're a league 2 team why would you appoint a mediocre Blue square premier manager where you clearly got the new Mourinho having a laugh with a bunch of youth players at St. Albans. When it comes to the match engine it's not a 100%. There are a lot of glitches. 4. A lot of the time you find defenders and strikers from the same team with about 70-90 meters in distance between each other with a long ball played from the defence to the strikers. In such a case the defenders of the opposite team clearly would have pushed forward a long time ago. But no, the defenders of the opposite team keep their position and that looks extremely odd. 5. There is another issue where you rarely see striker go deep and midfielder playing through balls to the strikers. I don't think I've ever seen that happen in a game. With that said I don't expect the match engine to be a mirror of the reality as it only is an app game after all. But I reckon you're interested in feedback right? 6. There are a lot of long shots from about the half way line. I would like to see a decrease in shots from distances 40-55 meters and a increase in long shots from 20-30 meters. 7. I found that a lot of goals are scored right 1-10 minutes after the opposition has scored. Anyone else out there that got the same feeling? Don't know if you base that on actually statistic. If so, let it be. But, in general looking at games on tele, I find that the scoring team most of the time find a momentum after they've scored that lasts at least a 15-20 minutes. Please note that this are assumptions. I do not have any facts.. And one more thing. Is I saw my fellow swede gnaget already reported, there is to much over time played, especially in the first half. At last. It's a good game. Good job! Cheers..
  12. Agreed. A real football manager needs the team talk to achieve success but in terms of FM the PC version has showed that it's more or less impossible to create a fully working team talk function. I rather see more players in the DB and more media involved instead of using valuable resources and game memory at unrealistic team talks.
  13. Thanks fore the quick reply! Ok, sounds great. I would like to add that in my point of view realism should always be the priority. Personally I find it a lot more fun managing i League 1 club and actually get a player in the, let's say, Jamaican squad that deserves it. A player that actually got a CA that would qualify the player for the squad even if all players in the original DB would have been in the particular saved game. Ok, so most of the players in perpetuas post are in the FMH DB? A great idea would be to add a thread where people could post the names of players that might not be "qualified" for the DB? Another great idea would be to ask the HR of each contry if they would like to see some players added in their respected domestic leagues? As for an example you could ask the aussie HR if he would prefer some other players in the aussie domestic teams instead of the names that pop up in the teams while loading a save with the English leagues. As an example you find: Carlos Hernandez, 29, Costa Rica, in Melbourne Victory Danny Vukovic, 26, Australian, in Perth Glory Chris Greenacre, 34, English, in Wellington Joe Keenan, 29, English, in South Melbourne Nicky Travis, 24, in Heidelberg Utd There surly should be more interesting players in the aussie PL and lower division then these guys? From a Swedish point of view the only players that you find in our domestic teams are James Keene from England and Ante Covic from Australia both representing IF Elfsborg. I do understand that these players are loaded in to the DB as I'm running a save with the English leagues and these players are English or English speaking with European passports. But is it possible to add some other players? My last question is more out of curiosity. Who is picking the clubs loaded in to the DB? From a Swedish point of view you find small clubs as BK Häcken, Örebro, and the Örebro B-team while lacking the biggest clubs in the country AIK and IFK Gothenburg? At last I would like to add that the game is great. But you could always find ways to improve stuff. Cheers
  14. Well with about 30 Jamaicans in the DB with a CA higher then 100 the good old Barry (CA 55) shouldn't be close at all. Another great example is the Swedish national team where you find, while loading a save with the English leagues, a Bojan Djordjic (Blackpool CA11), Alexander Djordic (Fulham CA 85), Filip Pivkovski (Blackburn CA 75) and Douglas Bergqvist (Farnborough CA 50). You wont go even near the Swedish national team without a CA of at least 120. Yeah I get that. I'm not talking about leaving Giggs out. I'm talking about leaving a 35 year old non-league player out and give that spot in the DB to a player that is more "fun" to have in the DB. Why not adding a talented swede for an example? That would make the transfer market a lot more interesting and my ride on the sub a lot more fun.
  15. Thanks for a great game. I hope SI wont add to much details as the whole idea with the game should be that you easily can get right into the game when you got 15 min spare time on the sub. If anything should be added I'll put my vote on squad numbers and captains. What I do want SI to look at is to other issues that affects the game experience big time. To start with it's very annoying to, while managing Truro City in the conference south, lose Barry Hayles to a Jamaican international friendly against Denmark. These unrealistic international call ups has been a issue since CM2 and they're pretty much still evident in both FMH and FM (as long as you run a game on a small database with only a league or two running). It would be a lot more realistic if you could add a individual "lowest required" CA for every U19, U21 and national team in FM. This way a Jamaican with a CA of 50-60 (not 100% sure of Hayles CA) wouldn't be added to the Jamaican national squad. The national team should prefer "made up" players instead off calling on of very few Jamaicans in the saved game. This applies to all national teams except maybe the top 10 national teams in the world. Another issue that SI should put more attention to is the FMH-database. This issue should maybe be posted in the "missing players"-thread but I'll give it a go anyway. In sum there are to many 30+ players loaded in to the DB and as a result there are a lack of young promising players in the DB. While playing with a top PL club I would like to be able to get some of those highly prominent players that are making a name of them self in various European clubs at the moment. That would make the game a lot more fun. Instead I find a Riquelme in Boca, a Micah Hyde in Avely, a Marc Joseph in Kendal Town and a Anthony Robinson in Redditch. There a quite a few of these examples, both in lower division clubs and on a free transfer. I rather see a talented 16-20 year old -9, -10 PA in the game rather than those dudes.