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  1. 'The vast majority of paying customers are extremely satisfied with this game,' what evidence could you possibly have to prove this? 'just look at the steam reviews i've never seen such positive ratings before,' please look at the most helpful reviews over the last month on steam.. 'as far as SI is concerned, they can even don't bother to release any other patch,' sheer nonsense, have a look at the known issues and issues under review on the bugs forum.. 'vast majority can still enjoy this game' again a nonsense point you cannot prove. I've never seen so many FM dedicated accounts on twitter so negative about it. Even a popular skin creator has said he doesn't play the game due to the multitude of bugs.
  2. Personally, this is the first year that I've had to shelve the game due to the issues already mentioned on this thread. But yes I appreciate that there are a lot of people who regardless of any bugs can still enjoy it, which is fair enough.
  3. 'Needs tweaking here and there' a slight understatement...
  4. Yep I see it once or twice on comprehensive highlights every game. Ditto with short corners.
  5. It's interesting to read other people suffering from their team not being able to defend crosses. I'm playing as Luton in the BSP and I'd guesstimate at least 50% of my goals conceded in the league are from crosses. As described above, it usually involves a cross to the back post with an opposition player completely unmarked and a defender actually moving away from the open player. The inability of fullbacks to deal with wingers is also very frustrating. I have yet to see a full back even block a cross.
  6. What does that have to do with this thread?
  7. So there is way of seeing other matches stats without waiting for the match report to load.. Shame.
  8. Is this going to get fixed? Waiting 15 seconds just to see who scored in a game is rather painful.
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