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  1. Hi Steevo I was wondering, how is your economy - do you get a decent transfer budget? And are you playing with or without Winter Update? :-)
  2. Have anyone come across some good Scandinavian bargains (or bargains for Scandinavian clubs) after the Winter Update?
  3. Just to complete the picture, I would be very interested in you transfer business the first season, FlaiRA - would you be interested in sharing those as well? :-)
  4. Hi guys! As mentioned previously, Everton has some debt problems but has a great transfer budget in the starting window! How´s the financial situation later on? Can you spend the money and expect to get a decent transfer kitty in the following seasons or do you have to spare some money from the first season?
  5. Glad not following my Kane advice payed off for you ;-) Of course, being a Spurs man, I´m as biased as can be, so really can´t blame you. Jeez - That´s huge! That kind of money would burn in my pocket. Any big signings lined up? Due to work and studies, I have yet to complete my first full season at Schalke. News is that I tried your tactic, though, with a 4-0 victory over Southampton to follow - Sané on fire and Embolo with two goals. Shortly after, however, I suffered a heart breaking loss in the Revier derby.
  6. Thanks for the tactical advice! Will try to implement in my own save. That´s an attacking luxury problem right there! I´d go for Hurrikane, giving Avdijaj the chance to prove himself when Kane needs rest. Have you had a lot of money to spend in the transfer windows? :-)
  7. Very exciting Willy BB! Can I get an insight in your tactical setup? :-)
  8. How much money did you manage to scrape in for the departures?
  9. Great thread guys! Been reading most of the posts now and I must say I can´t wait to start with Valencia! However, I´m wondering whether I should start with or without the data-update. Is someone in here able to explain a Valencia novice the difference between the pre- and post-update Valencia team/economy etc.? Which would you choose?
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