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  1. i m playing with this tactic in my ajax game and it works very well i have just one question: do you use oi or not?
  2. wow :o what kind of tactic did you use?? i cant even manage that kind of numbers with barcelona
  3. henkheikens

    Pochettino 4-2DM-3-1

    Can you put a screenshot about the oi? Because i want to test the tactic and for me its a lot easier if there is a screen with the oi My english is not that good... so there is a big chance that i do something wrong...
  4. henkheikens

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    do you use some OI to make the pressing better? like only pressing on defenders and wingbacks?
  5. henkheikens

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    how do you have the team training? ballcontroll for whole year or something lie that?
  6. with with teaminstructions do you play? and do you use pi? i want to test it also and maybe i can improve the tactic
  7. henkheikens

    Guardiola - 3-3-1-3 - No Centre Backs

    i have 60- 67 % possession each match i played with Man City and they complete 90% of their passes
  8. do you use individual instructions also??
  9. henkheikens

    Classic Netherlands Tactic - Video in OP

    Do you have some results you have archieved with this tactic?
  10. i have been watching for a few matches on your channel, and can't wait for the release of your tactic
  11. what about mentality en fluid?
  12. do you give individual instructions also? i mean players instructions.
  13. so you have no player instructions? i see that only the goalkeeper has instructions