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  1. Can you put a screenshot about the oi? Because i want to test the tactic and for me its a lot easier if there is a screen with the oi My english is not that good... so there is a big chance that i do something wrong...
  2. do you use some OI to make the pressing better? like only pressing on defenders and wingbacks?
  3. how do you have the team training? ballcontroll for whole year or something lie that?
  4. with with teaminstructions do you play? and do you use pi? i want to test it also and maybe i can improve the tactic
  5. i have 60- 67 % possession each match i played with Man City and they complete 90% of their passes
  6. do you use individual instructions also??
  7. Do you have some results you have archieved with this tactic?
  8. i have been watching for a few matches on your channel, and can't wait for the release of your tactic
  9. what about mentality en fluid?
  10. do you give individual instructions also? i mean players instructions.
  11. so you have no player instructions? i see that only the goalkeeper has instructions