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  1. Hi there @knap , how are you mate? I gonna say my opinion about the tactic !!!!!!!19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF(P103)KnapP106ALLCUPS and i think the older it's more better. ATTENTION, it's just my opinion. With others players could be better but for me i have worst results with the new one. I think !!!!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAF(P103) better for all teams Like always mate, excelent work! Cheers, NeOn
  2. Hi there @knap , how are you? On question ... This tactic !!!!!!!19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF(P103)KnapP106ALLCUPS works now with all teams? (underdog, mid-table, top) Cheers for the tactic mate
  3. Hi there @knap The tactics from 19.3.4 works same on 19.3.5 mate? Or there is changes on ME or not? Because im using 442 103 E CCC and 442 109 I apreciate your help and cheers for the tactics
  4. Hi there @knap , I will try this tactic on FC Porto what you think? Cheers for the work!
  5. Hey there @knap , what is your opinion about tactic 19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC to my Feirense? Promising? Similar than 19.3.3 Striker Scoring? Or more powerful?
  6. FM 19.3.4 Striker Scoring stills good like on 19.3.3 @knap ? What is your opinion? Because i like the tactic 19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC , its similar It's to my save with Feirense on Liga NOS (Portugal)
  7. Hi there @knap, you gonna re-create FM 19.3.3 Striker Scoring to 19.3.4 within today mate?
  8. Hi there @knap, how are you mate? I'm still on update 19.3.3 with my Feirense save from Liga NOS (Portugal) with the tactic FM 19.3.3 Striker Scoring and i'm enjoying When i update my game to 19.3.4 which tactic for 19.3.4 is similar to 19.3.3 Striker Scoring? I apreciate if you could help me. Cheers
  9. Hi @knap, i'm playing with FM 19.3.3 Striker Scoring on Feirense from Liga NOS (Portugal) can i still use it or on 19.3.4 did you notice some ME changes? My question is: can i still play if the tactic above with no problems about ME? And like always cheers for the tactic
  10. Hi there @knap how are you mate? With 19.3.4 out, do you think there is ME changes or not? I'm playing with FM 19.3.3 Striker Scoring on Feirense from Liga NOS (Portugal) and i'm having fun, thanks
  11. Thanks a lot @knap About "ASH 343 Knap FM 18" is not good for TOP/SUB-TOP and UNDERDOGS teams? A team like FC Porto what tactics do you recommend to use @knap? If you could help, i apreciate that
  12. Hello @knap? What is in your opinion the BEST tactics for TOP teams, SUB-TOP teams and UNDERDOGS teams? Because i'm thinking to start a save like Dortmund, Arsenal, Roma or RB Leipzig If you could help i apreciate that
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