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  1. Hi @knap, can you answer my question about this tactic please? Thanks (:
  2. Hi there @knap How is the performance on Champions League with this tactic? And cheers for the tactic, very good
  3. Hi there @knap Do you recomend PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 2 P106 CC? What is your opinion about this tactic?
  4. Hi there @knap, long time i dont come here, how are you mate? In your tactic TEA FOR ONE VOL 3 P104 EC do you use OI's? Cheerz for your work ;)
  5. I dont understand @Dreambuilder , players 1v1 or 2v1 against GK dont score or GK saves ... so stupid ... i play FM until CM 4 and this FM20 is worst i ever played
  6. I dont understand, my players cant score 1v1 against GK . Worst FM until now PS: How i can fix this sh** ?!
  7. Hi there @vauxine, playing game by game or holidays? Excelent results
  8. Hi there @Samuel777. Excelent result! Are you playing with the new update (20.2.3) already?
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