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  1. Thanks for the reply and advice Cleon. I think Pearsie's second question and mine add up to the same thing. How do you draw a defensive team out so it can be 'counter-attacked'?
  2. I'd also like to know if Cleon thinks it possible to have a successful counter attack with a top team like Real Madrid. I can't get it working simply because teams won't come at me. This shape 4-4-2 with creative DM's worked quite well for Ancelotti...
  3. Ah is that how they work? I thought they came inside when team had possession...
  4. This is a good read sqirg (if you haven't already seen it. I've tried this many times and it has been very hit and miss. I'm going to give it another go now. Do you think the box-to-box mids should maybe instead be inverted-wingback? As the tactics screen is the shape when defending?
  5. What is WF? Wing-Forward? Winger or Inside Forward?
  6. Just downloaded. Class, much improved in all ways (which it needed). Any who. Can anybody tell me why I have to double-click my way round the game? It's not my mouse or computer as it works sound with all else? I'm on a Mac if that's any help?
  7. Gona start a game with 2 enganche's. Riquelme & Alex. Maybe flanking a shadow striker? What could go wrong?!
  8. Do you reckon using the right PPM's you could mimic Juventus' 3 man defence? Maybe the DLC and the DRC 'Dribble down right', 'Hugs line', 'Gets forward when possible' ???
  9. Sweet baby jesus kill me now...
  10. Good work DivineOne. Good work.
  11. One question, are tactic 'sets' the future? i reckon the answers yes. It seems the fm developers are determined to stop plug n play tactics. Every time an exploit is found, it is plugged next patch. (understandably as it's so unrealistic) There is the option to train your team in 3 separate tactics. Coincidence?! Looking through the various threads many people are saying the way forward is to have 2-3 alternate tactics. Say, Defend, Control & Attack. Or 2 or 3 central defenders (depending on strikers to mark) Bielsa style. Or if you're Barcelona, Controlled Possession, Attacking Possession or 3-4-3 kitchen-sink-possession. Instead of people trying to develop the perfect tactic why aren't they developing a 'set'? A set of systems? I'm pretty sure the lazy players (I include myself) would lap up the 'experts' tactic sets, especially if they state which teams they may work with... Thanks (if you got this far) for listening. I'm a little drunk but still think I got my point across. And of course, any shared tactic sets from 'cleon', 'tommonufc', 'taktikzz', etc would be proper ace.
  12. Patch today? Does that update automatically?