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  1. When SI went on the "use Steam or don't bother buying" route, one of the major justifications was that patches, hotfixes, updates etc could be released on an ongoing basis. It was a great leap forward ahead of all this panic stricken (sometimes release day) fix for out of the box, followed by the traditional next patch that messed things up totally, followed by the final patch which got it into its final (usually excellent) condition. So what do we have now - the old fashioned days of waiting for major patches which we then have to like or lump, or the shiny new workers paradise of the consta
  2. Is anyone else totally sick of the AI scoring incredible long shots into the top corner from players 30 yard out with their back to goal? I've tried searching for this with the usual results: search all posts returns endless huge multi page threads and search in titles returns nothing of value, so "use the search facility" holier-than-thou apparatchiks can go away.
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