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  1. Solihull Moors

    thanks for your help guys... i appreciate it... ginger dude... ive been rejecting bids like crazy and if they give me double or if they're good players triple what they offered me first... slap on a few causes and its all gud... the key thing is to get as much as you can come in monthly also keep a small squad... with plenty of loans and buy younger players give them times on the pitch subbing them constantly and you'll be in luck with that young player thenext season he will start picking up a lil
  2. Solihull Moors

    i got about 5 million in the bank now... i got loads of sell on clauses so it should rise steadily a fulham come in for one of my strikers at 700k
  3. Solihull Moors

    naw dude i dont everytime i try to expand it it says cos they dont own one they cant so they are borrowing one i guess
  4. Solihull Moors

    Plus im only allowed one coach but have squeezed it to 3 at the moment, how can I change that?
  5. Hey, I'm playin with Solihull Moors FC I got them up to Coca Cola League 2, but I've got no stadium? Will I eventually get a stadium or what cos I dunno whether I should change clubs.