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  1. i LOVE the corner set up in this, Fazio got 35 for me this season, hehe...
  2. Ok guys, i think we need to stop hounding Kimz. He has previously said he is working on a tactic but it will need to wait until after the patch. Tactics as awesome as Kimz' take a long time to create, so be patient. There are a lot of good tactics out there in this forum, if you want you can look at my post which is based on Kimz' 1.1 that i've adapted to fit FM 2009
  3. most of those, well all apart from amauri are unrealistic, and i'm not made of cash, so i've got to be careful. Thing is, i want a good striker with reasonable pace, and good heading and finishing.
  4. like i said, i'm in the pre season of the 1st season, so mid 2007
  5. Basically, i sold Trez for 17m, now i'm looking for a replacement, i wasm thinking Amauri (13m) or Huntelar (??) or even Soren Larsen (7m) if anyone has any reccomendations i'd love to hear them I'm in the start of the first season by the way.
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