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  1. In 2029 atm. Moyes was sacked in the 1st season and never stayed more than a year at another club, always sacked. Endured a few spells without a job and one lasted for two years. Out of the top of my head, I remember him failing at Milan and Valencia before failing again at bottom premiership clubs. Surprised to see so many success stories! He's rubbish in my save!
  2. I don't like this "feature" one bit. Please make it possible to "disable" this. I have assigned penalty takers for a reason!
  3. That's a lot for me to be honest...! I didn't have this kind of "addiction" since the old WoW days! And showing no signs of stoping! I have been loving this year's edition, my longest save was in CM3 99/00 with 11 seasons, this year I'm in 2028 and can't get enough I'm very happy with the game in general. It's competent in creating and keeping new football worlds interesting. It gets a bit easier after a while but it's a game and I think the level of difficulty is appropriate. Tbh, all I can really do is nitpick. I'm very happy with the ME. It has "issues" but what goes around comes around and all balances out and is kept to a minimum. I enjoy watching all the games as there are many fine moves and I've seen fantastic player decisions like really cynical fouls that bring a new level of realism. For me, last year was bad (the ME). Well bad is a bit strong, "not up to standards" sounds better. I voiced my discontent. I felt I had payed for a beta product, those were my words. I understand the steps made to get here though but nevertheless you had to step it up. And you did! The faith (aka money) in this year's edition has been repayed! Now you have another "problem" in your hands! FM15 has to be really interesting because I'm loving 14 so much I might stay here for a while hahaha oh poor SI!
  4. this sadly just happened... i'm watching the swansea - chelsea match and i just clicked on a swansea player hoping his name would appear over his head....!
  5. I dont think you can start a reserve side (?) You can mark first team players as available for the Under XX's. From my experience, marking them for 90mn will get them more games than 60mn for example. When I need a youth coach, i use the attributes filter and set working with youngsters > 18. Most of the coaches you'll then find will have U19's coach as default negotiation.
  6. I have the same on my save with PSG. Man City and Monaco do it too but not as much. They buy everyone they can. It gets silly sometimes. But hey, after a season or two you can get a world class player for a cut price ;p
  7. Please people read what others write. The examples you put forward did not fall into what I wrote. If your club: - has most players as favourite of each other; - manager is favourite of most players; - squad harmony 100%; - club winning most trophies and on a big league; - club is rich and stable; the examples all of you put forward did not tick all these. When all these conditions are met, yes it's easy to keep them as it should be. And there will still be players that want to leave for First Team football or new challenges. READ the posts, don't skim and reply. I started low and had much trouble keeping my good players. Once I got the Inter job and won the CL 5 years later, I still have most of the same team that won it 6 years later! And when I look at the "state" of the club I really wouldnt want to leave if I was a starter unless I got bored. Again this is my experience. And feels realistic to me. When new and/or low = much trouble. After some years at a successful rich and reputable club, with everything running perfect, easy to keep them.
  8. I disagree to be honest. From my experience, it's hard to keep hold of your best players when you're a new manager or new at a club. As someone pointed out, as the years go by and the manager is the favourite of 10+ players and those players are each others favourites as well, the squad harmony is at 100%, the club is winning most trophies, they're playing at a top league, the club is rich and stable... Why leave? Makes sense to me. When the "state" of the club reaches these levels, yes it's easy to keep hold of our best players but it only makes sense to me. The fringe/backup players will still whine snd push for first team football though. And some stars will want a new challenge as well. So, all in all, from my experience of the game, seems good to me.
  9. Wrong. Try it and if they answer "will do his upmost to bla bla bla", then go check their profile and see that (sometimes) determination has risen. Do it once, twice, etc and sometimes a "Balanced" turns to "Resolute" which is a huge change.
  10. I can't understand how so many don't fine players when they play poorly. Anything below 6.0 is a warning for me, anything 5.7 or less gets a fine. Sometimes players react badly to it but that's just the players that will leave because that's not the mentality I want in my squad. And fining players can improve their personality which is HUGE. Seriously, if you don't fine players when they play badly (yes, even one-offs) you're not "maxing" your team!
  11. Excellent thread! After reading this I started paying more attention to little details in the ME. I noticed that sometimes players raise their arm (apologizing) after a bad pass! Also, a winger of mine was dribbling and the the opp fullback was marking him with his arms behind his back! Brilliant! I also noticed (some time ago) that for instance, if you're losing 2-0 and you score, your player will run to the goal to get the ball and quickly take it back to get the game restarted! I love these details, brilliant!
  12. Figured as much but is this an indication of a problem with the player? is he unprofessional, unlikable, unsettled...? or just plain bad luck with RNG?!
  13. I have a gem that needs tutoring as his personality is fairly loyal. I have 3 tutors for him (2 very good ones and an ok one) and all 3 refuse to tutor him! They all say they dont want to work with him! There is nothing indicating a problem between players and squad harmony is at 100% ! The poor guy was snapped up by me at 19, got badly injured in the first weeks (8 months out), I stuck by him and now that he's back nobody wants to tutor him...! I never saw this happen before and it's even weirder that 3 different players refuse to tutor him! I don't want to hurt team morale but I also want to turn this guy into the world class player he can be... Anyone experienced this before? What's the best course of action? Cheers
  14. probably been posted before, if so my +1: some interaction from the byline like all managers do, clap at the team after a good move, yell at the defense to get their act together, encourage when things aren't going so well, support your youngster on his debut, put pressure on the officials, etc.. all kinds of stuff, even demeanour so your players see if you're happy, worried, angry, relaxed, stressed, kicking bottles around i like the teamtalk system but during matches it's like i'm just a statue giving out instrutions! and who wouldn't like to harass the linesman after rulling out a goal or yell frantically at the referee to end the match on 94:01?!
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