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  1. still no news on a new patch... will keep waiting, or buy Johnny Wilkinson to kick at goal (obviously upwards it) from 60 metres. i didnt have any issue with dribbling, in my saves just all players want to shoot from Saturn
  2. im not playing anymore until a new ME comes out. tried everything but the "tone down long shots" is just a huge lie, as my players, from different teams, on different saves, shoots from distance. and very often upwards the goal... this leads to points in rugby. but Messi or Neymar arent Dan Carter, so i dont know why the ME makes them looks like him. this version is light years worser then the one before. and the one before was far from good... FM12's engine wasnt perfect, but was really faaaaaaaaaaaar better than the craps im seeing since november 2nd. PS: i won about 10 champions leagues in all my saves, but i simply cannot get a team to play something at least a bit similar to football. i score from long balls, set pieces or counter attacks. even if im having world class players... if opponents sit back, then my midfielders start to attempt rugby conversions. please, at least make a ME where orders that are given to players are obeyed, so, if i say SHORT passing, and NO SHOOTING, they pass short and dont shoot... i think this is quite plain and simple. and... speaking of rugby... there are the same or even more injuries than rugby... maybe there are scrums but arent shown on highlights
  3. started a new game... with psg, different players, same annoying long shooting crap its a pity, but i wont play this "game" anymore. i got many infractions by posting threads saying how was the match engine before... i thought that was impossible to make it worser than that... but SI made the impossible and did it!!! now i really believe that is impossible to make it worser. but ill wait till next update, in the meantime, its enough for me on this game. at least until another update comes out. suggestion: revert back to the one of fm12... it wasnt perfect. but was light years better than this. the game improved a lot outside the match, but when it comes to games, it is ruined for good. Lionel Messi is not Dan Carter, Ibrahimovic is not Roncero, this is football or soccer, this isnt Rugby, by the way, congrats on beating the All Blacks! maybe if i start a save with New Zealand...
  4. this game is ruined... if a player is 4 vs 2 in a counter attack and SHOTS from distance instead of passing, despite the tempo, the fluid style etc... means that this game is ruined, finished!!! and im not talking about crap players from lower leagues but world class ones, i didnt find any players with 20 in each attribute, so if this is what is needed to play football, bad news, there is no player such this. there is no point in making a tactic and give instructions if players simply override them and do what they want (and obviously what they want is always Wrong, if they at least disobey to do good things...) im fed up, every update makes the game worser. ill start a new game just in case the "improvements" take effect when you start over, but i dont have much hope on it
  5. i got high possession, about 65% i think you already know muller, llorente, neymar and kroos. all of them have high attributes, in my other save i had the same problem with a guy called Messi, who is WELL KNOWN to get in the box or at least to the edge of it instead of shooting from distance, but in my game he misses too often, when he is not supposed to miss im playing a 4-2-3-1 with wingbacks on supports, one cm on defend, another on support, 2 if on attack, the AM on support and a CF on attack. i score my goals almost all from corners, set pieces or rebounds from long shots... no through balls, nice plays always ending in a cross what i dont like. my opponents never want to play, always expect a blunder or a thin air penalty to score. this dont allow to upload my screenshot, dunno know why...
  6. i only saw a small improvement in the accuracy, as much shots were saved, but some of them still went straight to clouds. and Neymar is selfish, but he can, and should, try to get IN the box rather than shoot from distance, and is ordered to do so in his instructions... but he barely enters box
  7. this dont work, just FIFTY SECONDS in the game... Neymar took the ball twice, and despite lowering his mentality and team tempo tried 2 long shots, one from just outside the box, that was fine, but the other... i pay my players to score goals, not to give goal kicks away by 18 minutes... im winning 2-0 against gladbach at home, one a volley from a cross, another from a CB out of a set piece... im winning, but that isnt football 6 long shots in 22 minutes, almost all of them going to the sky or near it... 31 minutes, another conversion from Dan Carter... but... it doesnt count... hell!!! i forgot this is football... but still looks like rugby Half time stats: (my team has LOW tempo!!!) 27 (twenty seven!!!) shots 12 on target only 4 or 5 from inside the box (if i count the header of the set piece) im winning 3-0 but i played NO football. maybe i can think of taking my players into the Pumas squad for the next Rugby Championship... they rarely miss between the post... and way up the goal... if this was rugby i would be winning 24-0 now, with all drop goals and penalties. what happened on the second half is as annoying as shooting so much, my team stopped to attack without being told to. the score remained 3-0. i just managed two more long shots, one of them was shot by neymar and smashed in a teammate's ass So, lower tempo, lower mentality, same result, players shooting from Mars. if swear that if SI develops a rugby game, ill be the very first one on buying it, as the ME is already done for this!!!
  8. so, the solution would be to lower the mentality and tempo... i play with 2 cm (schwensteiger and martinez) 3 am (left neymar, center kroos and right muller) and a st (llorente) i've put the tempo on the middle. but mentality maybe is a little bit high... i lowered the tempo to middle slow... let see what happens...
  9. well, they do, suppose neymar cutting inside, he has: 1) both wingbacks 2) a through ball to llorente or the one who plays no. 9 3) a backpass 4) a one two with the AM 5) run further and shoot from inside the box he can do all these things before shooting from distance and he is allowed and ordered to do some of them, but he is forbidden to shoot from far away!
  10. im playing as bayern munchen (second season) although im still undefeated in the season i dont like how my team plays... i tried what is logic to try when a team shoots from distance very often, and is to put long shots on rarely to all players i did, put rarely on long shots on all my players, i like to play football, no to do long passes to the opponents keeper (only dumbs concede from 40 meters) despite doing that, my team keep shooting from distance, sometimes leading to bad ratings and the consequent 2 week fine (i pay my players to perform, not to get rid of the ball), and then this leads to players unhappy so, whats your advice on this matter to get my players starting to OBEY what i say? creative freedom to minimum? mentality??? my 6 players who shoots from distance are: Llorente/Ademilson, Neymar, Muller, Schwensteiger, Kroos/Kaka, Martinez and even sometimes Alaba and Lahm (Wbs) Shaqiri doenst play because he learnt shoots from distance from robben, who is already sold
  11. crap. gave it a try in a cup match, me being FC BAYERN MUNCHEN (i have bad players such neymar in my squad, although i played subs) rival being 2nd division stars Union Berlin i lost 1-0, obviously as it was a test game, and another huge lie of the ME it wont stand and will be replayed, with the tactics i been using. im undefeated in all season but not happy about the way i win, almost throwing away won games... but this... get scored with a cross with an unknown forward outjumping players such as papadopoulos or neuer... no... maybe your tactic isnt as bad... but ME is getting worser every day... starting a new game is my last hope i think, as thing stands, i dont know to think if developers are blind or they think that football consist on throwing up the ball to sky and expect that when it falls the opponent make a mistake... if thats football for them ill just suggest them to play it with a square shaped ball, at it ll be flying all time, and no will no matter if it doesnt roll on the ground. same match, same players, same team talk i won 3-1 so, with your tactic your polish team is better than Bayern Munich itself... another proof of how SI is doing with the match engine
  12. 18th december 2013, german cup match against union berlin in berlin 19th december 2013, world club cup match against santos laguna in morocco... so, my teams plays in berlin and go straight to the airport to play in morocco the day after. no rescheduling. No Real.
  13. im playing as bayern, im UNDEFEATED in the season, but im far from happy. IA still scores once when got ONE chance very often, if im huge dominator, opponents keeper seems to be Oliver Kahn in his prime. players like Neymar miss goals for fun. i repeat, im making this statement while im UNDEFEATED. maybe the one who said that starting new game improve things would be right... just maaaaaaybe
  14. i dont know what to think, if its a mistake or just a huge lie... in the changelist says "long shots toned down" i dont know what else to do to my players stop shooting silly and impossible shots from more than 30 or 40 metres... and im talking about class players like muller, neymar, llorente... but the worst bug havent been fixed at all... when i dominate game, i miss for fun, but AI dont. this huge bug should be fixed, otherwise, all other work you do will be just useless as long as this keeps happening that often. for a reason Neuer is a top class keeper and others dont, so, Neuer should be able to stop far more difficults shots than other less known keepers, but it doesnt happen here, Neuer stops 0 out of 2 (0%) and the other 9 out 10 (90%) this happens even if the one who gets a chance is Lionel Andres Messi itself!!! and you all know that Messi scores goals, dont miss them. so, if i manage to get him 5 ccc in a game, at least he should score 3. this never happened in my games, to see him score 3, he at least should have 10 Obviously, if Messi plays for AI and got 3 chances, he will score 4, the all 3 plus an own goal, so if im clever enough to make a tactic that overrun the opponent then reward me with a huge margin win, or figure out how AI should counter me. but not like this, not with world class forwards missing chances and crap forwards scoring easily against top keepers in a 80% success rate.
  15. is the AI scoring % fixed? because in the last patch, i often saw my forwards missing easy chances for fun, and then get scored in the one and only AI chance, even with a long and easy shot
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