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  1. Its not about that, its about these types of game being the basic FM way of showing unrealistic football and statistics, we've established these kinds of games happen in football, but as some of us keep trying to explain, it doesn't happen to the same team over and over again in real life and what's worse is that via the ME it shows this by making my players miss open goals from inside the six yard box, whilst the AI take advantage of my defenders walking away from balls in the box. Its not difficult to understand.
  2. How can you be drivem "mad" by perfectly legitimate posts such as this??? This to me is the madness.
  3. I said it feels like the game is punishing you for doing too well, if that WERE true then obviously only those of us who seriously over achieve would even see it, as from what i'm reading on these forums there are more people struggling than succeeding. Remember i'm not claiming the above is FACT, my main gripe with it all is that it still produces game after game of the kind of matches i describe above and that if its all supposed to be because of tactics then that kind of makes the game ridiculously unbelievable.
  4. I'm very into stats and imo FM does not even come close to what i see in real life. Sorry
  5. Essentially using the tactics creator I have created 2 formations and I'm on my way to 3 premier league titles in 5 years with Southampton. My net spend over the 5 years is probably only about £50 million and a lot of that is Director of Football youth purchases. I have probably played over 50% of my games on 'commentary only'. There is no 'scripting', the ME isn't against you (it's not prefect mind, some silly goals are scored), there is no AI bias against you, there isn't a built in second season syndrome It's your tactics, your reputation, how you play against the AI tactics and how they play against you, and your teams morale. IF all that is true then the game is not worthy of being played then, not about winning or losing for me never has, just lets have some realism, constantly producing games in which i have more shots, better chances, possession, etc, etc yet lose is NOT realistic, however you stretch your imagination. Very poor.
  6. Pre season in season 3 and i've had about 14 player knocks in training and friendlies(about 4 with my own players injuring each other) and now have 7 of my first 11 out injured. My training? Team Cohesion - Average
  7. Really? I used a single tactic all 1st season with West Ham and finished 8th(had i won my last game i'd have finished 6th) used the same single tactic 2nd season and finished 4th(if not for the inexplicable run of results i may well have won the title). All this without barely spending at all in the transfer market. Funny thing is, i'd give up the over achievement for a game that didn't keep coming up with these ridiculous scenarios that see me have a run of games i should clearly win comfortably but somehow lose? I have no problem losing games, its part and parcel of football, i also don't mind losing a game here and there that i should win comfortably, again that's just the way it goes sometimes. What i cannot accept is when it starts happening game after game for absolutely no reason. Right or wrong its easy to imagine that the game is punishing you for doing TOO WELL. Going back to tactics, i started FM13 as i always start new FM games, using the in game tactics and changing strategies and player roles based on our opponents and whether we were at home or away, i even added shouts. All i find is that its time consuming and rarely works. Who wants to go through all that when you watch the ME and find your losing goals because your six defenders all walk away from a ball in the box leaving it for the oppositions one and only forward? or the opposing winger runs right along the byline with three players surrounding him and your gk on the near post yet the ball amazingly somehow keeps going in? Seriously Edit Just to add, in EVERY SINGLE SEASON i've played so far(around 10 or 12 total) my strikers have suddenly hit a "cannot score" patch in the last 8-10 games? players that had a 3 in 4 average all season up to this point are suddenly missing open goals inside the six yard box??? I could lose, lose, lose all day long and have a relegation struggle every season no problem, just convey that in the performances via the ME and i'll be happy!
  8. If i do that it will be in the Tactics an Training Forum. But if i'm told the bold statement i posted is true then i'm just quitting, i honestly don't understand how anyone can find the game playable under those circumstances and i'd be embarrassed if i had anything to do with FM.
  9. Wow, you may need to chill out a bit, have i given you any abuse? Can you just tell me if the statement below is true? You cannot tell me that for instance, i have 20 shots every match, 5 ccc's and 5 half chances and the AI has 10 shots all from distance, but its ok for me to keep losing game after game because i didn't change strategy??? Does that really sound like a realistic game to you, seriously??? If it is, then i can save you the time of trying to help because i will just stop playing, as it will mean that FM is no longer worth playing, i cannot think of anything less realistic than this.
  10. I cannot understand why people are posting things i must be doing wrong? rather than look at the bigger issue here. Lets face it, if it IS a simple tactical issue(i'm hoping its not because the game will then be pointless) then producing game after game where i completely dominate and make all the best chances yet lose is not my idea of a realistic football management game, how can anyone find that even mildly satisfying??? Remember i WAS enjoying the game up to this point, so i'm not just ranting.
  11. I never said the game was out to get me, i asked why i can go on a run of games in a row where i create loads of changes(including ccc's) the AI none or very few and suddenly start losing/drawing/not scoring and that if this is how the game is supposed to show you that your doing something wrong tactically then its really not worth playing, as i thought it was supposed to be a least a little bit realistic No need to get your knickers in a twist, but if i had no issues with weather in my four lots of first seasons, how can it suddenly be an issue in season 2? How i can be blamed for my tactics/management when i'm creating loads of chances against none by the AI and losing over and over??? surely that's an issue with FM???
  12. I did start FM13 by changing strategy based on being home or away, who i was playing etc, etc, but it wasn't working and started to make little sense, plus, each time you change strategy the bar that shows how well your team has learned the tactic stops going up or decreases and you can only set up 3 tactics. So i soon started using a single basic in-game tactic and found that this worked. I've had no problem with weather in any of my previous four "first seasons" so why should season 2 be any different? I have little issue with morale as i do individual team talks and have always been a dab hand at keeping morale high, up to a point of course. Oh and i wasn't playing through games quickly until a few games into the slump and remember i had already played 3 previous saves, all in which i was watching large portions of every game. So i take it that there is no answer to the fact that performances remain the same and only results change then? you realise your basically saying that FM13 is an atrociously poor game if that's the way it shows that your doing something wrong? Sorry if i sound a bit grumpy, but you made a few assumptions there and none were true, plus, i'm actually doing very well in the game up to the point that this starts happening. So can i just ask if you think the statement below is true of FM and is acceptable and/or realistic? You cannot tell me that for instance, i have 20 shots every match, 5 ccc's and 5 half chances and the AI has 10 shots all from distance, but its ok for me to keep losing game after game because i didn't change strategy??? Does that really sound like a realistic game to you, seriously???
  13. I'm sorry but that's utter rubbish and if it WERE true then FM would no longer be worth playing. You cannot tell me that for instance, i have 20 shots every match, 5 ccc's and 5 half chances and the AI has 10 shots all from distance, but its ok for me to keep losing game after game because i didn't change strategy??? Does that really sound like a realistic game to you, seriously??? Crazy
  14. Exactly, thanks. I have kept quiet and not moaned about the masses of issues in FM13 so far, but this one is an absolute game breaker imo(if it IS tactical that is?)
  15. I'm sorry Neil but if it is tactical, then i may as well stop playing to be honest. If i was suddenly getting outplayed then what you say makes perfect sense, but to carry on dominating, creating easier and better chances than the opposition but suddenly not being able to win or even score is pathetic to be honest and the game by now should be much more realistic than that. I have said nothing so far about the new ME, but i have to mention now that its hard enough playing FM with the state that its in, without the issue i have already mentioned.
  16. Already posted about Second Season Syndrome or whatever this is that's going on? It had happened in EVERY save i've had so far and is even more frustrating than the Match Engine, so much so that i quit the saves because there was no rhyme nor reason for what was happening? I'm now in my second season of another save and with 30 games played i thought i'd beaten SSS this time, but suddenly its happening again and its absolutely ridiculous! I first noticed that my wins were getting narrower and narrower, then they were turning into draws and now into defeats, the thing is, that would be absolutely fine BUT there has been no drop in performance, which is EXACTLY what was happening in my previous saves. For instance, i'm having 15-25 shots, about a quarter from distance, around 3 or 4 ccc's and 3 or 4 half chances a game as was usual, but now suddenly struggling to score and sick of having to watch us miss open goals from 2 yards out. On the other hand the AI are scoring from either every single half chance, or this favourite from the last few games Well struck effort from distance which deflected past the goalkeeper (AI average 80% of all shots from distance) I haven't posted this in the Tactics and Training Forum, because there is absolutely no way that this can be tactical, the games are practically identical to the previous season and three quarters, my players morale was/is still high, players are no more nervous or cocky than before, but at some point in every second season we go through a run of these games that we could and should be winning very comfortably, but somehow instead coming away with nothing?????? This is beyond frustrating, its a game breaker for me and i'm not being over dramatic, its really that serious. At the moment i have the game playing in the background on its fastest speed, as now i just want to get every game over with asap and i'm about ready to quit yet again. Please understand, i have no issue with losing, or even losing games i should have won, as long as its not game after game in such ridiculous circumstances, i'd rather be struggling in a relegation fight but getting the results i deserve win, lose or draw, than having to watch what's going on in yet another one of my saved games. Give me a clue SI or someone who's been there, or has some idea what's going on??? Thanks
  17. It worked great for me first season in two saves, but for some reason second season syndrome always kicks in??? I'm now using Ady's "return of the king" 4-4-2 and its been superb!
  18. Not being funny, but this has been the easiest FM ever for making simple tactics that work. D/load one of the in game tactics(a formation that fits your squad) and just use that for instant success, it really is that easy and i've been using West Ham and Reading.
  19. New Season Game 1 Away to Man Utd Drew 0-0 Game 2 Home to Arsenal Drew 2-2 Game 3 Away to Spurs Drew 1-1 League Cup Rnd 2 Home to York(League 2) Lost 0-2 ?????????? Not blaming the tactic, this game is so poor at times.
  20. I ended up finishing 8th, which is probably a good thing, because we don't get much in the way of transfer funds so qualifying for Europe would have made things very tough. Had i won my last game at home to Fulham we would have finished 6th. I managed to sign Destro, he's on a massive wage but he's gotta be worth it on a free transfer. Also brought in... Le Fondre as a back-up striker Lee Wallace 1st choice LB Kolo Toure on loan Chantome on loan D'allesandro 1st choice MR on loan to buy Carson as 1st choice GK Buttner ML from Utd I got less than £5M to spend so struggled to get the right players in. Will update my season 2 progress.
  21. I will, if he can stay injury free he'll be a MASSIVE signing. If i can win my last home game i'll finish 6th
  22. I changed everyone's long shots to rarely before i started, i always do. Sat in 6th place with 3 games left, only took 4 points from last 12 but COULD have won each of them easily, missed some absolute sitters and given some very cheap goals away. Will try to get a few more of the right players in for next season, although i don't get a lot of money to spend.
  23. Just checked him out, he's available again but i can't afford his wages YET, hopefully he'll still be available June 1st(fingers crossed).
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