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  1. Looking for some help with my Creator - Scorer partnership. I want my Advanced Playmaker to supply through balls to my Advaced Forward and Inside Forward. I play a 4-2-3-1 with Udinese with a Balanced Standard approach. Lineup is GK (D) FB (A) CB (D) CB (D) WB (S) DLP (D) BWM (S) W (S) AP (S) IF (A) AF (A) I tend to find that my BWM and AP occupy the same space sometimes when going forward. I also find that my Advanced Forward drops too deep and my Winger and Inside Forward have nobody ahead of them to pass to. Is there a better combination of roles for this setup?
  2. Was wondering what would be a balanced approach for my 4-2-3-1. Currently I have CM (D) AP (S) Winger (A) AP (A) Winger (A) AF (A) I was thinking maybe playing two Advanced Playmakers wouldn't work, and is there too many forward runs being made by the two wingers, the attacking midfielder and the striker because they are all on attack duty?
  3. Thanks for the replys. I've started the game with all regens and no real players. But, looking at the team comparision tab, my team is rated Decisions 9th First Touch 12th Passing 16th (might be a very obvious reason why control strategy mightn't be best suited for the team) Strenght 20th Work Rate 17th Teamwork 18th Leadership 9th Aggression 14th Defense Tackling 12th Heading 20th Jumping 20th Marking 19th Positioning 17th Strength 20th Pace 7th Acceleration 6th Midfield Passing 17th Long Shots 7th Creativity 11th Stamina 12th Teamwork 15th Tackling 14th Technique 9th Decisions 15th Attack Finishing 1st Long Shots 9th Heading 15th Jumping 18th Anticipation 4th Movement 1st Pace 5th Acceleration 5th I suppose what I keep seeing in matches is that I have a good amount of possesion, but the opposition are scoring when my attacks break down, whether is a misplaced place or a cross that's been cleared away, the other team then launch their counter attacks. I use a control strategy from the start, but maybe my players aren't good enough to carry out this style of game. Another problem is when I do happen to score first, the opposition change their tactic to a high pressing attacking game when my CB's are put under pressure and start hoofing the ball upfield. I'm not using any shouts at the moment, but would like to start using them to start exploiting the opposition, but I'm not 100% sure what shouts to use. I was thinking of using Play out of defense, Retain possesion and Pass into space to start the game. Then if I do score and feel the opposition are pressing high with a high D line I was thinking of using Drop Deeper, Hit Early Crosses But I'm not sure if this would be the correct way going about it. I now line up like SK - D FB - Support CB - Defend CB - Defend FB - Support RCM - CM Defend LCM - CM Support RW - Winger Support AMC - Advanced Playmaker Support LW - Winger Attack FC - Advanced Forward - Attack
  4. Trying to get a 4-2-3-1 working for Sedan Ardennes in the Ligue 2 second season, but not working great. Style : Balanced Strategy : Control Passing : Default Creative Freedom : Default Closing Down : Default Tackling : Default Marking : Zonal Crossing : Drill Crosses Roaming : Default Line up like SK - Defend RB - Support CD - Defend CD - Defend LB- Attack CM - Defend DLP -Support Winger - Attack Advanced Playmaker - Support Inside Forward - Attack Advanced Forward - Attack Can anyone see obvious flaws in the way I've set up the player roles in the team Thanks
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