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  1. Paging mod to move this to appropriate forum Edit: This could spark a constructive discussion in general, though
  2. Well, in important matches I'd expect high mental ability to help whomever is taking the teamtalk motivate players, as they understand what triggers each player on a personal level. I think you can compare it to empathy in many ways.
  3. About to enter my 3rd season, everything is going spiffingly, then [big club] offers a big sum of money for my star playmaker. The money interests me and I enter negotiations with [big club]. Seeing as I'm fairly short on tall playmakers atm, I request time to find a replacement(this was early pre-season). [big club] immediately backs out. Playmaker is now mad at me for demanding too much financially, even though that's not even remotely close to why the transfer failed. Me and a few players of the team had a few chats with him after the transfer-bid, and there was never a chance to actually e
  4. There is alot I still can't say I'm proficient about when it comes to FM, even after enjoying about 20 years of CM/FM, but this version allows you to hover over any stat to see what SI's opinion of each stat is. TBH, this thread has made me consider my assistant.. If I were you, I'd promote Galli to AM immediately! Edit: sorry I didn't actually answer your question
  5. Well, I hope this issue is located during tweaking. I could have provided data but rage got the best of me
  6. So it's a known issue? Or just injuries in general?
  7. I'm serious! Every time I've subbed on a right winger, he got injured five minutes later. In the last episode I ended up with Dalot as right winger against City because Pereira was injured right after I took off Mata due to exhaustion. It's like the previous RW's condition carries over to the guy that comes on
  8. I told Pereira at Man Utd "No Pressure" because he seemed nervous. Made him overwhelmed in the first half, but he got an assist in the second. Don't think it means too much tbh.
  9. I only have one complaint so far. My keyboards music-controls still don't work while playing! I have to alt+tab or use my phone to control Spotify
  10. This will be a fun ride! Hopefully I revived this thread for future members
  11. Thanks Nottingham! And wow at the moderator response!
  12. Hola! 27 year old dude from Norway here. Don't really know what this thread is all about as the OP just says "Hey lurkers, post ffs!!"(stab at the OP? Nooooooooooooo), but I'm assuming it's some sort of a "say Hi!" thing. I'm not really a lurker as my other account "Ulrich87" (that was sent to the void as I deleted my old email-address) had a couple hundred posts, if I remember correctly. I've been away for quite some time though, so I wouldn't blame anyone if you call me a lurker at first glance. I'm a Dr.Whoian and I love Man Utd. (Hate David Moyes though!) I work in Regional Back-o
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