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  1. According to an In The Know his favourite challenge is "The Saviour Cometh"
  2. Hi folks. I am doing a Youth challenge save, aiming to dominate the world with the Northern Irish team Dromara, whom cameup playable in the 2014 season. Now, this is N. ireland, terrible money income etc. No real scope to improve until you're in Europe (and coeficiants aren't fantastic due to how bad it is.) Now, I'm in year 2021/22, and this is my favorite save. I've only been able to improve youth/training facilities once, never youth recruitment but Junior coaching twice. Which is great! My regens sometimes are great (for the prem, but only really Skrill prem/South players in Eng.) We're the 3rd best reputation in NI, have won the Prem once in 2019, and have been in the Euro Cup 3 season in a row (once via league finish, other two via league cup, this division is great, anyone can win). HOWEVER. My regens, after there 3-4/5 year contract is up and at about 20-21 years old they refuse to sign a new contract and then go into regen... and then noone wants them as theyre not very good and RETIRE!! It's really annoying, as I can't sign anyone and relying on my youth products but they just won't resign and this is causing a lot of my youth to leave and then retire.. is this happening with anyone else?
  3. I'm currently doing the best, and hardest save, I've ever done on FM14. Holidayed a year, and took over Dromara FC who got promoted to League 2 of the Norther Irish League. I'm only using youth products and have not signed a single player. Finances are horrible, can't upgrade etc. Took 3 seasons to get out of the league. 12 years later so far and I have won the Prem once, and only once. Every other time I come top 5 and only get Europe via the Irish Cup. Our ranking keeps going down, youth players wont sign contracts, the Coeficiants are crap. IT'S GREAT. So tough. And so good to see how stuff pans out, wanting and hoping that other teams in N. Ireland do well in Europe for more spots next year. I'm loving it, and it is very hard. Pre season odds for 2021/22? 5-1. Media Predicition? 6th. It's so tight in the league and anyone and everyone can win it.
  4. Mate, I hate the fact players won't sign contracts.. I am playing in N.Ireland and led previously unplayable Dromara to The Prem and (8 years down the line) won the league and consistently in the EURO cup. I am doing youth only and players never want to sign a new contract, and in the end they just end up retiring at 22 as noone wants them. Its frustrating as I am youth only and my best (of the worse) players wont sign a new contract and just retire, despite being the 3rd best team in n.ireland. Its so stupid..
  5. Hi guys, I'm starting this for the first time, but only just came across this thread. I completed my first season but didn't take any screenshots (i can only assume you can trust me?) I can of course get screens of the transfers etc. But first for a funny tale. I wanted to try a nation I've never tried, so I choose Northern Ireland. The team that got up, one was called Churchill United. I choose them but didn't look at the Youth Recruitment.. So, 23 games gone, I'm bottom with 7 games to go and 5 points from safety - regen date comes and goes... turns out we don't have any bleeding' Youth Recruitment and the board refused to invest! So I restarted!! Now I am Dromara in the N. Ireland, first season over finishing in a healthy 7th place far away from bottom (only 16 teams). Got some good youth, my Ass Man hasn't got the greatest JPA/JCA but he thinks 4-5 could make it as Premiership players (that's still not good.. trust me). Anyways, looking forward to a second season, although we're in the red, so doubt I'll be getting any investment!! Carey
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