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  1. How many of the players you have in the Croatia squad are from Croatia Berlin, all?
  2. Very short stay in the 4th tier in the en! At least comparatively..
  3. Wow, in a continental final all of a sudden. Does it bring in some decent money?
  4. How likely is it to get Continental football soon? Given that it seems about half the league qualifies?
  5. That Quadruple season was quite the turnaround! Surely Russia is next?
  6. Awesome that you are still playing FM 2007, I went back as well and currently finishing off my 5th season with Cambridge City. I just love the speed of this game. May I ask why you do not use screenshots but go through the pain of writing the whole league table down?
  7. Some turn of events! This should help you finally wrapping up Fiji.
  8. That was very harsh! Are you aiming for a move to New-Zealand or waiting for Australia to come up?
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