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  1. That Barcelona result was very harsh but great progess is made!
  2. I just love the names of these cups. Did Mansfield invest some of the European in their squad over the summer or not so much?
  3. How are you enjoying the Swedish leagues in general? I always love playing there.
  4. You made a lot of progress! And those two strikers are really insane indeed.
  5. Properly FM-ed in that second tie it seems?
  6. Thanks, this was exactly the obvious I hoped I was missing.
  7. Not sure where to ask so I figured I would try it here. I am a very long time lurker on FMCU and I was wondering how you guys keep up with threads individually? On the old forums, there was this 'go to first unread post' button that helped a lot. Now I always have to scroll through the posts hoping I am not spoilering myself by going to far ahead in the thread. Am is missing something obvious here?
  8. Cool to see you taking on a nation again albeit for a short period. Good luck!
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