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  1. Curious to see if you will take it, you seem to be really building something at Hereford with all the improvements to the club but it is a journeyman after all.
  2. I am assuming the Cup Winner got the ticket for the Euro Cup 1, right?
  3. Form is looking good right now, CL should definitely be possible. I was a bit sad when you left Karlskrona but I am now in my second season in Superettan (D1E) as a semi-pro side and that is as frustrating as you thought it would be.
  4. Nice to see you haven't given up on this, I am really enjoying reading it.
  5. Ah that is a pity, was really enjoying it again. But I am sure your next save will be enjoyable to follow as well.
  6. Had some catching up to do, great last season in Korea you had there. Saudi league seems very tough so far. Assuming your DoF still does all the signings (except for the Thai guy)? Because given the budgets you get, he is not bringing in big signings right?
  7. It's nice to see you back in Asia. Already making it look easy. How many nations would you need to do to complete it?
  8. Looking good for the league title. So the ECII is straight into QF after the group stage?
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