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  1. This seems like a team you can build to win the CL with eventually!
  2. I know you use Instant Result Skin but do you actually use the Instant Result button or the Simulate Match with game plans and all that?
  3. Still loving this. Seems the tactical tweak may solidify your domination now.
  4. Great servant Nielsen has been! The intakes have been looking really good the last seasons.
  5. I am assuming the Cup Winner got the ticket for the Euro Cup 1, right?
  6. Form is looking good right now, CL should definitely be possible. I was a bit sad when you left Karlskrona but I am now in my second season in Superettan (D1E) as a semi-pro side and that is as frustrating as you thought it would be.
  7. Ah that is a pity, was really enjoying it again. But I am sure your next save will be enjoyable to follow as well.
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