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  1. Once you have used the £50m you cannot use it again, but it doesn't have to all be used in one save. You can apply £10m to one of your career games, £20m into another etc
  2. You can load a maximum of 3 nations, and you load all leagues from each of the 3 nations
  3. Every time you start a new save you will have to apply the unlockable if you want to use it, so it's optional
  4. Yes, you only have to purchase an unlockable once and it can be used in all of your saves
  5. - Open up Steam - Go to +ADD A GAME at the bottom-left of the window - Then select Activate a product on Steam - Enter your Activation Code found on the back of the manual.
  6. Once you have updated to the full version the BETA should no longer appear. As for the save, you will be able to continue with your beta save in the full game
  7. There is currently no dark skin for FM13, just the default.
  8. Please do not post duplicate threads. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324491-more-complicated-than-all-the-others-!!!
  9. You will not be able to update to the full version until you get your code from Amazon. As for the save games, they will not be deleted when the beta expires. Once you update to the full game, you will still be able to load the saves
  10. He appears in my game, try adding France as an additional nation and see if he comes up.
  11. Friday 2nd November is the release date for all retailers, not just Steam (as evidenced by the many people who purchased elsewhere and are currently playing). If you still haven't got the game yet, take it up with the retailer as that's an issue with them and not us.
  12. Is this boxed copy? If so, there is a key on the back of the manual.
  13. Changing your download region to match your friend's may help but we are currently looking into this issue. If that still doesn't work, check Troubleshooting Network Issues for other solutions.
  14. Latest builds should be: PC: 327735 Mac: 327726 So looks like you have the most up to date version
  15. Thanks for the kind words! As much as we love to hear this, it would be better to keep all feedback to the feedback thread if possible. Cheers
  16. That is a digital download from Green Man Gaming, which means you will be emailed the steam activation code. How long it takes for that code to be emailed to you varies with different retailers, can take anywhere from instant to 48 hours.
  17. If you come across any bugs, can you please log them in the appropriate section in the bugs forum. Thanks
  18. It's a feature in FMC than can be purchased/unlocked which spawns a regen (your son) into the team you are managing. As shown in the Steam store, it can be unlocked by having a player retire at your club after 10 years of service
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