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  1. Found that EVERY Norwegian team has ugly stadiums with no corners
  2. Is there any way to force a certain team/stadium to use a specific 3D engine template?
  3. I really agree with this one, I heard it's randomly generated, but at least let us re-generate with the in-game editor or something would be nice.
  4. Not a problem! If you also could have a look at stadiums being created by the editor also appearing with no corner stands, that would be excellent!
  5. When creating a new manager, there are no options to set a preferred formation(s)
  6. In previous FM's you could go into a teams match program, and when you pressed a team you were facing in the future, you could see how many days were left until that match. This is now gone in FM19...
  7. Hello mate, Porto in the Portugese first league has none. Shakhtar in Ukraine (after they return to Donbas) have none. Malmö FF in Sweden are missing one corner. And every single big stadium you create with the editor are missing corner stands, this used to work previously but stopped after the winter update in FM18.
  8. I've also noticed that stadiums like Allianz Arena in Bayern and Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid have their stands very far away from the pitch.
  9. Whenever I manage a team with big stands (for instance Shakhtar in Ukraine), it will never get corners in the stands. Looks really ugly if you view it in the match engine. This used to work pre-winter update patch in FM 2018.
  10. Anything similiar to make larger stadiums have corners? Quite annoying to have a 90k stadium with no corners, looks really ugly.
  11. Are you guys using the original tactic or the high tempo one?
  12. Is it possible to bring off a half-injured player even though you've done your subs?
  13. Is there any way of adding a widget to increase/decrease match speed easier? I usually tend to fast forward between build up play during highlights, but it's impossible in this year's edition since the menu when you press the gear wheel takes up half of the ****** pitch. It's been perfect previously, but this year's game has been frustrating in every aspect.
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