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  1. I only seem to score from long shots and "crap" goals. Basically almost no CCC created, anyone else facing the same issues? Using the Cerber tactic
  2. For me it's also slow when hovering over players etc. But yes, both the main game and the editor are running slow.
  3. Is there any way to force a certain team/stadium to use a specific 3D engine template?
  4. Anything similiar to make larger stadiums have corners? Quite annoying to have a 90k stadium with no corners, looks really ugly.
  5. Are you guys using the original tactic or the high tempo one?
  6. Is it possible to bring off a half-injured player even though you've done your subs?
  7. Is there any way of adding a widget to increase/decrease match speed easier? I usually tend to fast forward between build up play during highlights, but it's impossible in this year's edition since the menu when you press the gear wheel takes up half of the ****** pitch. It's been perfect previously, but this year's game has been frustrating in every aspect.
  8. I'm usually playing FM switching between the speed during highlights, I never keep the same speed. This year's FM has a DREADFUL UI for switching speed of the game while watching it, since it takes up half of the ****** screen! I don't know who was the brainiac UI designer in this year's edition, but a widget is a MUST. PS: Really dissapointed with how you rushed an unfinished game.
  9. I've started experiencing it now in my new save. I've deleted my preferences and cleared the cache. Still appears...
  10. I've started a new save. And I'm not experiencing it anymore. I'll get back to you if I do.
  11. (linuxe) Crashing when viewing youth match I've only tweaked my manager reputation and added some staff members.
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