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  1. I played with the 442 Warrior before the patch, but with the new update, it's not performing as good (thanks SI). Any idea what tactic to change to, I tried Beowulf 442 but that's also performing lackluster. Any idea what the best tactic is for 21.6?
  2. Dangerous to assume something when you have no idea, I'm running Modern Warfare, Cyberpunk 2077, AC: Valhalla all on high graphics without any stuttering or lag whatsoever. So you're telling me I need a GTX 3090 to handle FM21 without stuttering, am I understand you correctly?
  3. Problem is that this year they moved the technical issues to the absolute disastrous Sega support system, so they're kinda shooting themselves in the foot here
  4. The game runs really poorly on high end systems, this bug has been present in previous iterations as well but has later been fixed. So I'm stunned that it's actually back, I've played less than 2 hours on this years edition just because I can't stand watching a choppy match engine. The bugs are numerous (and many are still remaining from last years game), mainly with the editor. 50£ to be a beta tester, don't be like EA. Please.
  5. Thanks, but this is a .fmf file though, so only binary code. No XML available to edit...
  6. When importing .fmf-files from FM2020, created players/stadiums/etc are not displayed and does not work at all.
  7. I only seem to score from long shots and "crap" goals. Basically almost no CCC created, anyone else facing the same issues? Using the Cerber tactic
  8. Is there any way to force a certain team/stadium to use a specific 3D engine template?
  9. Anything similiar to make larger stadiums have corners? Quite annoying to have a 90k stadium with no corners, looks really ugly.
  10. Are you guys using the original tactic or the high tempo one?
  11. Is it possible to bring off a half-injured player even though you've done your subs?
  12. Is there any way of adding a widget to increase/decrease match speed easier? I usually tend to fast forward between build up play during highlights, but it's impossible in this year's edition since the menu when you press the gear wheel takes up half of the ****** pitch. It's been perfect previously, but this year's game has been frustrating in every aspect.
  13. I'm actually pissed with how the injuries are ruining my experience with the game. It was perfectly fine pre-patch, but now it's unbearable. MINIMUM injuries per game in Conference North is 4. Four. I can only sub off three, which means I basically end the game with 10 men every game. Going back to FM12...
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