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  1. Great point, the first few competitive games i had issues with the attack, not getting clear cut chances, mainly due to that i was playing with two strikers rather than the two am's now. The team is linking up better. But it looks like i have hopefully sorted the issues during the benfica game when i switched to the box. I will come back with an update tomorrow and if any, issues you guys can hopefully help me understand to solve it.
  2. On this years edition of FM i have chosen Sevilla, mainly due to the fantastic defence, creative and solid midfield and terrifyingly quick forwards. 3-4-3 was the tactic i would be implementing, not at first but after evaluating the squad i realised that the players fit into the system i was looking to build towards. The tactic says 343 direct however ignore the direct part, i was trying to play direct football as i thought the 3 at the back would be exposed if i played a possession game but that is not the case. Balance is key for me as i wan't to keep a hold of the ball but with a purpose of getting to and overloadind the the last third. Defensively, the players are solid, Kjaer is the key role. Because the wingbacks will be so high up the pitch i have the right and left defenders on the cover duty as i want them to cover that space when we lose possession and are susceptible to a counter. It is working and the goals i have conceded so far have all been set pieces. Back to Kjaer - putting him on the stopper duty makes him push up and cover the space between defence and midfield and it it is working as planned. Here is the tactic- Examples from a 4-1 beating of an in form sociedad- In the shot below you can see how we squeeze up into the last third and the marauding wing backs provide all of the width which is what you want in a 3-4-3 but you can also see how the back three cover the centre of the pitch. Below you can see the defence, kjaer doing what he does, that is his role in this tactic as his tackling and mentals are through the roof, he done this multiples times in the match and stopped a pass out to the wings. To get through to kjaer the opposition have to get past the solid midfield pairing of nzonzi and pizarro. You can also see that the wingbacks keep the wing in check. At times it does look like a back 4 in the match as kjaer is patrolling and cleaning that dm area. The main reason i use the narrow shape in the TI is to funnel the ball to the wings and to make it the defending easier for the midfield and kjaer by compressing the space. If they have to cover a lot area i don't think it will be as effective. As the figure shows, a lot of the key passes are towards the side of the pitch, with hardly any through balls - i have played with through balls as the strikers are rapid with high of the balls stats but it has not worked as well as i hoped. Tinkering to hopefully make it effective but as of now i am not using that TI. The midfield of nzonzi, pizarro, banega and correa control the games, especially the first 3. The technical skill and movement keep the ball moving and they dictate the tempo of the game, you can see the passing triangles they create and it can unlock a defence, The team is really well balanced and i will update this post when i get to christmas as i have some really tough games coming up especially in the champions league, will be a big test to see how the system deals with spurs. Also any sort of constructive criticism on 3-4-3 formations, useful tips anything at all to make this system better would be very welcome.
  3. Cheers for the quick response and clearing that up, top guy!
  4. Hi guys, I have simmed a year into the game just to check what thr regen faces will be like this year. After going to youth intake and looking at a fair few, none have faces. Just a dark outline. I am just wondering is this just the beta? And will they appear in the full game? I have transferred my logos and facepack from the previous game however that should not affect the regen faces? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. This thread is a real eye opener and shows how a mechanic in the game can't replicate real negotiations. I do appreciate the dev's putting more depth to the game however I always accept contracts without promises and will remove all promises before contact negotiations. Recently I have signed lucas romero who has a fav shirt number of 26, before starting a match I was prompted to register a shirt number but 26 was grayed out and could not give him it? I sat for a while and just accepted it and clicked auto and hoped but he didn't get 26. He is unhappy, lost trust in manager and handed in a transfer request. Seriously a number. This got me so p'd off. he got 3 month injury as soon as I clicked continue after loading and I couldn't take it. I never reload to change and outcome I always accept it but because I felt the games in built mechanics has pretty much destroyed my relationship with a player over a number. Any sensible person would say look I wasn't able to register 26 this season however next year I'll go out of my way to make sure you have it just focus on the football. Promises aren't a bad idea but until the game can put importance on certain promises - Not giving a player a shirt number is the same level of Broken promise as not giving playing time when you promised or to that nature.
  6. Regarding motivation westychimp, I spent over 1000 hours on fm15 because I enjoyed two saves I had going, both i didn't limit myself to one team. I started with the team I support celtic. I won the league 3 seasons I was there getting a treble In my last season. Also great results in Europe, Europa semi finals in first season, champions league round 16 the next and then I didn't qualify from my group in my last. I was bored of winning the league and the USA national team came in for me. When I first started the save it was a "make celtic a power in Europe again". However I found a lot of fun and joy of treating like I would if I was a manager. I thought that it would be challenge to qualify for the world cup. But I played 4 games and left for dortmund. The job opened up I applied and surprisingly got, I only lasted half a season and finished 4th in the bundesliga then the spurs manager got fired and it showed in my feed and I applied for that. I got that Job and then I was hell bent on winning the prem. I spent 6 seasons at spurs but never won it. I won the Europa league and only reached the last 8 of the champions league after a fun but tough 6 seasons. Then the Liverpool Job came up - I got that job and spent 4 years there building a squad I finished 2nd twice finishing behind Chelsea each season never winning the league but I won the fa cup however did nothing in the champions league only reaching the last 8. Then PSG came in for me and I accepted as I wanted to win the champions league and a league title. First season in trumped the league and cup but lost in the semis of the champions league but the kicker was the manager who inherited my team won the premier league the season I left, yeah that was a sting. After that I never went back to the save as I had others but to this day it's the save I look back on and want to have one like it again. A challenge each season, to beat Chelsea, to win in England, to stealing players to win the champions league as I always thought I was one star away from winning. At the start if the save I was very stingy with my money and mostly buying young but as the season progressed I found myself using my budget on one player. So 14/15 seasons and the only leagues I won was the Scottish prem and league 1 and a few cups and a Europe league. It was a very fun save and losing was a part of it. Just like football, you pick yourself up and start the next season then the disappointment fades and turns into hope.
  7. Thank you for the replies, I took into account what puffas said. I haven't played FM since I posted here on Wed. It's worked wonders - I got so engrossed in each match that I wasn't having fun because I was expecting more than what my team is capable of. Also that's why I play fm I can get completely lost in the teams I am assembling and if things don't go well - I suffer with the team (or the dots on the screen). Perspective is key, there's 99% losers in football, there is only one winner and my team isn't in that 1% yet. I am Villareal a small club trying to break the Madrid, Barcelona monopoly. It works both ways. If the stars align for one season and I achieve what I set out to do then this game of dots and numbers will transcend just numbers and become far much more than just that.
  8. I am currently in my third season with villareal, the second season i finished 4th and qualified for the Champions League playoff and reached the europa league semis being put out by Ajax. I had a very tough road to the semis knocking out Napoli, Porto and chelsea to then by undone by Ajax. I took being put out on the chin as i had some serious bad luck with two starter fullbacks left and right getting serious injuries. Then my back up left back gets injured and i am having to play the last 5 games with a makeshift backline. I barely finished on 4th just beating sevilla. Now onto the 3rd season, I got Lyon in the playoff who where the strongest of the unseeded teams and ofcourse i get them, also i understand its football and these things happen as i imagined lyon would have been thinking the same - why villareal. I lost 3-1 away and won 1-0 at home blowing them out the park and was unlucky not to be up by 2 and put them out. as we had many chances to seal the game. They also had a man sent off just after 45´.....so another season of the europa league. The reason i am explaining this is because i am asking other FMrs - how do they get through difficult periods such as this ?, i know i am going to be finishing 4th for a few years as i cant match Atletico, Real or barca who have a constant stake on the top 3 and are more financially powerful. Am i being to harsh on myself ? The reason i chose La Liga is a the challenge of winning the league.
  9. Before i forget i'm also starting to use prozone a lot now but still find myself scratching my head on what i'm actually looking for/interpreting the data, some sort of start to get me looking at it with purpose instead of glaring at a screen blankly would me much appreciated.
  10. Hi all, i am new to posting threads, although i am an avid reader of this section of the forum. I read peoples posts about how they are not quite getting the fundamentals of the game/tactics/player roles etc. But they are willing to learn and the community of new and veteran players try to help people get a better understanding of the game, so here i am... Recently i have started a save with Heerenveen and i have been struggling a lot, as of writing this i'm doing okay in the league after a shaky start - mainly down to poor strikers that are at the club, my defence has always been top 3 all season so a bit more potency up front and we should be okay - so i strengthened areas in jan mainly through the center of the park. I sold luka zahovic and barbosa for money to bolster the squad as i desperately needed to strengthen, the offers where to good. My away form has been okay it has been some of the home games that have me befuddled on how i should set up for the next home game. I know its the first season and from the indication from the the first half we have been better in taking chances and winning games. i brought in will keane from utd as the other options i was scouting just did not impress me. His on the ball skill and link up play has been great as he has 85% pass ratio and has scored 6 goals in 8 games and he can improve. so 1.3 mil well spent. The other singing has been great in the midfield. Guira - not the best technically but that can improve - mentals and physicals are amazing. He's rarely put a foot wrong and always avg about a 7.00 or over. We have won our last 3 matches but i think we have been lucky, we had to come from 1 down to utrecht as i went with this tactic as it worked against grafshaap on a control mentality. It backed fired against utrecht as i believe we played into their hands because of how deep and defensive they setup. We left ourselves vulnerable at the back. The picture below is the tactic i started with - attacking was a mistake, they got through with good chances a lot. and i noticed brasanac was getting caught out far up the pitch and noticed our midfield was getting exposed. I was putting a lot of pressure on guira to mark 3 players.plus the wingbacks at times so i put brasanac to DLP/DF and pulled back thorn to cm attack to offer more support in midfield. Also i put slagveer to support to help the wing back. It seemed to work out better and we created better chances, bossed the game more and got the win. I felt we got away with it however we are still improving. ------ Alteration made as described above. I am pondering using this as my main tactic. 433, i want to build from the back, and stretch teams, Keane needs to play a vital role as i was him and thern to link up and spread play to the wings. The main problem is i'm still unsure how i want them to play - i am off to frankfurt for a week to see the mrs family so i have time to think on what brand of football i and hopefully when i get back i will finish the season using suggestions from the community. Apologies if it seems like a messy post, new to the posting malarkay. Feedback would be brilliant thanks.
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