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  1. When the ball is lost solid defensive play usually comes about through compactness. Hence high pressing and high line go well together as does a lower line and less pressing. Personally I rarely go below default pressing because I find it invites too much pressure too close to your goal. The basic idea is to keep your most forward attackers and your deepest defenders not too far from one another at all times. If you play a low line and high pressing you'll just be more susceptible to being stretched far and wide when the ball is lost. If you have fast defenders with good mental attributes (concentration, anticipation, etc ..) its perfectly reasonable to try playing a high line with high pressing while still playing "counter attacking" football. As for a solo striker I think height is comparatively unimportant to many other physical, mental and technical attributes.
  2. There are a few things you could try. Try playing your DLP in the DM position (not set in stone but could help) set his tight marking to OFF and make sure your other players are not overriding him as primary playmaker. If he's smart raise his CF, the better his decision attribute the more you can raise it. All this should enable him to see more of the ball and make high percentage passes (if you want even higher % passing, lower Through balls passing and perhaps even lower passing from mixed to short ish) . If you want to make him more "daring" you'll have to make a few more changes but if simple and sound is what you're after this should work.
  3. I think your set up is pretty sound. There are a few changes I would make though. 1- You might want to change to Rigid (not absolutely necessary) and use Zonal marking. I think it might help your team keep its shape better. 2- Make sure your 4 forwards are not on tight marking , have good Off the ball attributes and are as quick as possible. You want them quickly getting open when you regain the ball and then run/pass quickly to the opposition goal. 3- This is important. Assuming you have a good DLP set his CF on the high side and set his mentality to 10 to 12, set his passing to high mixed, Tight marking off and HUB No as well . You want your DLP to quickly be looking up the field when regaining possession, launching quick direct passes to your Wingers/AMC/Striker (these settings tend to work well in a 4-2-3-1 Deep formation like you're using). Having a mentality around 12 enables him to play bit further up the field but much more importantly gets him passing vertically more than anything else. If you keep the default settings for your DLP he'll act more like a shorter passing metronome than a counterattacking quarterback. If he's a smart player giving him a high CF will make better use of his judgement given the circumstances. 4- I would leave everything on default when it comes to Defensive line, Width and Tempo but if you have a highly technical side they can probably adapt to anything you want. I would however leave closing down to default. Personally I think the default setting is already high enough and it keeps your team from exhausting itself with a deep line. You can play a high line and higher pressing (particularly if you have smart and fast defenders) but generally playing a low line and high pressing is not the best idea. 5- As for your striker I think it depends on his attributes. If you have a good, quick player with good Off the ball I would use AF because he'll use the flanks better but its personal preference. If he's really good you could even set him up as a CF or DLF on support (but then set your AMC to Att) and he can act as a pivot for fast running AMs alongside him. Obviously all this works far better the better players you have at your disposal but experiment with these settings, try to watch the games in full and have fun. Hope this helps
  4. I'll respectfully disagree with the two other posters and say it does. More precisely I'll say it will on some (running with ball, shooting from distance, long range passing, come to mind) but it wont affect others. With most PPMs it won't be very noticeable (particularly if the CF change is minor) but on some of them you'll notice a difference. First, the manual states (I'm paraphrasing) that you should be careful raising CF on players with poor decision attribute. Now this doesn't necessarily apply to PPMs per se but you will clearly see players with low decision attributes "abuse" their PPMs when given high CF. Basically when you give a player high CF, you're trusting him to do his thing. A lot of "his thing" will relate to PPMs. Second and more importantly, just test it out yourself by playing and WATCHING games in Full Match mode. Play games back to back against the same opponent while keeping everything else the same and adjust the CF of one of your players who has several PPMs. I think you'll notice a difference in PPM usage between the two when you change CF significantly. Quick tip, as I alluded to at the top of my post the easiest to measure by far is shots from long range. Dribbling usually stands out too, Long range passing sometimes as well. Hope this helps
  5. My 2yr old iMac runs the game fine. A brand new one should run the game even better.
  6. Off the top of my head I think there's four things you can try to reduce the dribbling. Add one at a time and see if that's enough. You want to balance it out so that it doesn't create other problems. 1 reduce RWB slider for players in question 2 If that isn't enough try reducing creative freedom to force player(s) to follow your instructions. 3 You may want to add to the Tempo slider (try a bit and add as necessary) to get your team to play a bit quicker. It should lead to quicker "snappier" passes. With Barcelona your players should have the technical ability to deal with this tempo adjustment. 4 You could also add the Pass through defense shout as well Keep in mind that with FM13 currently passing is a bit less accurate than it was in FM12 and by accelerating tempo you might be adding a higher degree of sloppiness to your game. Again, add slowly, test and see what works best. As with all previous games its best to play games in full in order to judge best what you find works and what doesn't. For the crossing, adjust (reduce) the crossing slider to the players in question. Hope this helps. PS: There's a Barcelona thread in the tactics sub forum you may want to check out. It was written for FM12 but much should still apply for FM13.
  7. Nice condescending reply My understanding of the ME, tactical systems, player interaction etc .. is just fine, thanks. Bottom Line I find FM13 incredibly boring, I know I'm not the only one and to me that suggest a flawed ME at the very least. It might suggest something even more worrying for SI in the long run but I won't get into that. I would say that it's broken as well for a number of reasons (that SI may or may not fix without creating other issues) but there's a whole thread(s) about that anyway. Apparently you like the game and that's great. No need to get insult me because I think differently. All I'm saying is play the game 13, 12 whatever and have fun. If you don't, do something else that does.
  8. My hunch is that FM13 is a lost year for the FM series. I think if folks take a laid back approach to this whole issue they'll either come to accept a broken ME (with the upcoming patches) and live with it or go back to 12 and wait for serious progress to occur (if that's possible). Ever since FM 13 came out I been paying FM12 religiously and having a blast. So what if I've blown $40 on a game. It won't be the first or last time I waste a bit of money. Of course next year I won't be in a hurry to get FM14 but that's not my problem.
  9. Ever since I started playing FM I've always managed/watched games in their entirety only switching to extended highlights when i had a secured win. This game was no different but it's been painful to do so. I find FM13 incredibly boring. Clearly the ME isn't close to being finished and I'm patient but my hunch is that with FM13 they've killed the enjoyment out of the game for me. Hope I wrong, I've tried playing it several times but I always go back to 12.
  10. I'm playing FM12. Since 13 came out I've been playing both side by side (mostly 12) and just find 12 way more fun. Right now 13 is sitting on the bench until things change.
  11. As is often the case with many of these questions in FM the answer is often, it depends. If your BWM has a support duty I think it's OK and can even be advantageous but if he's on Defensive duty (and the CM next to him is on Support or Attack) then It could be trouble. As LLama explains right above if your BWM (with Forward PPM) doesn't have cover the opposition sooner or later will exploit the space behind him right after he goes flying forward. If you play with one particularly against a good team just make sure you can compensate just in case.
  12. I'll try these things out and see what happens, thanks. If anyone else has any ideas I'b be glad to try them out as well.
  13. I play the formation the same way but I have a question. With the Deep-Lying playmaker I've noticed that he stays very much left center or right center (depending on LCM or RCM position) when attacking. This has the effect of limiting his passing to predominantly one side and therefore his overall effectiveness. Is there a way or a set of instructions to get him to move to a more central position when the team has possession so as to have him spray his passes right and left with equal measure ?
  14. Will this Legends Database work on a Mac ? Thanks
  15. You can find this out in the game by selecting a player and choosing the role you want him to play. The opposing screen will show all his attributes and highlight the ones that are particularly important for his role. For Deep Playmaker the important attributes are : First Touch, Passing, Tackling, Technique, Marking, Composure, Creativity, Decision, Off the ball, Positioning, Team work and Strength. Hope this helps.
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