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  1. @Andrew James I uploaded another save : GalatasarayStartOfSeason. It starts on 8th of June. The offers mentioned above will arrive on 10th of June.
  2. Hi @Andrew James, I have uploaded a save named GalatasarayTransferOfferLow. You'll notice two transfer offers immediately, one for Rahman from Monaco, and another for Samassekou from Man City. They start around 3-4m Euros and go up to 6m Euros + bonuses with negotiations. If I reject those and offer the players up for sale (with transfer listing) I immediately get offers for 20m and 27m respectively, which I can drive up to 25m and 35m with negotiations.
  3. This happens to me even in the 2021-2022 season. I play with Galatasaray in Turkish League, and I am getting very meager (1m - 5m Euros) offers for players that are valued around 15m Euros. Some of these offers are from big clubs like Man City and if I refuse the offer, player becomes unhappy. Even if I tell them that the financials weren't good enough, they still expect an offer around 7-8m to be accepted, generally half their current value. Now, it gets weirder when I offer the players out. I suddenly start getting offers around 30m - 40m Euros for the same players. Which I suppose is fine, but I don't want to offer them out in the first place. They are key players for my team. If they are going to be enticed by big teams, they should at least be reasonable offers. It is a bit tiring to deal with 2-3m Euro offers non-stop. I get 20-30 offers per player per transfer season, which I have to click through until the team that made the offer pulls out of the deal. If I reject them out right, the player gets unhappy immediately. I can upload a start of transfer window save if you'd like to see for yourself.
  4. Sorry, wading through 4 pages of crying and moaning about the foreign player rule was way too much. By the way, for Galatasaray, the Financial Fair Play regulates 25M Euro Profit for the 20/21 season. There is no mention of the 2020/21 loss/profit in the settlement with UEFA. In 2019/2020, the regulation is a maximum 10M Euro loss. It's quite a jump from 10M loss to 25M profit in one year. Is this number actually correct?
  5. There is a disparity between the end of transfer window and squad registration for Super League at the moment. Squad Registration finalizes a few days earlier.
  6. There might also be another bug here by the way, the 5 foreign player rule only applies to the player team. I am playing against Konyaspor in the first match of the league and they started the game with 7 foreigners
  7. If you're trying to get rid of a player that is a bench warmer or never picked for match day, which is normally the case, the offers will go down significantly. This works both ways actually. You can also snatch players from AI for a lot less than their value if they have been on sale for a while with no time on the pitch. If getting rid of deadwood was profitable, very few teams would go bankrupt in real life. Also, your players are probably earning more than what their current reputation/performance is worth, so the teams that show any interest can't even afford their salaries. On the other hand, if you're trying to buy youngsters with potential, you shouldn't even bother looking at their value. They will charge you for what they think the player will be worth when he has matured. This value will skyrocket in high profile leagues such as the EPL because they have the highest value multiplier possible for players. Current ability, potential ability, reputation and match performance have solid impact on how much the AI will offer you or ask for one of their own. There are also other factors like Hunt3r mentioned, such as the happiness of the player, the opinion their coach has of you etc. Regardless of the details, it is always difficult to get rid of deadwood or buy promising youngsters. That is pretty fair in my opinion.
  8. Here's a screenshot of him. Bought him in January window. He scored only 31 in 20 league games that he played In the last season I didn't use him much in the league. Only when the youngsters were not up to scratch. I have highlighted that season so you can see his CL performance. I have rarely ever seen such performance from a non-regen striker. To top the stats off, he scores absolutely insane goals. If you can afford him, you have to buy him. My recommendation would be to have 2 equally ridiculous wingers feeding him while he plays as the sole striker. I got Pavon on left wing, Ousmane Dembele on the right. Hope this helps.
  9. Imo the big signings dropping to bargain bin or being loaned out is just a symptom. The real problem is how big teams sign multitudes of players to the same location, especially if someone else makes a bid on a player in their shortlist. Any human manager with a mid range budget can turn their team into los galacticos if they keep all the young expensive signings in a short list to keep tabs and then grab them as they go into bargain bin. Btw, Barside, I doubt some sort of pressure system would work here. In my save, 30m Martial is rotting in the bench because he is cut off by 50m Dybala, 40 mil Calleri and Volland. Yeah, Man Utd hoarded them all. It's not like he's being benched behind an aging Rooney
  10. It is the best when I get a league clash on Sunday, domestic cup on Tuesday, Euro League on Thursday and another league clash on Saturday. I enjoy it so much. The more seasons I play, the worse scheduling seems to get. I really wish it would get an overhaul. This has been going on for many years now and it's starting to feel like the only part of the game that remains untouched.
  11. I am indeed getting more injuries (and serious ones at that) without any changes in management style compared to prepatch, but it seems to be the same 4-5 players that get these injuries. I have a feeling that this is due to data changes on players. Some players that were not so injury prone before are more injury prone since last update (like Balanta).
  12. Suddenly in the end of the 2017 season, all the names in the game changed to gibberish names. I searched the internet, and apparently this is something that happens for pirated games. But I do have a legit copy directly purchased from steam, exactly the same way I have bought it in the past years. It's not from some cheap Russian keys website either. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. With a game as complicated as FM, simply releasing the game every 1.5 years is not going to end up in a game with no game-breaker bugs. The game is not buggy at release because the development team is lazy or doesn't have enough time to fix them. The Problem is that not every bug can be reproduced 100%. This makes them very, very difficult to find. I haven't personally experienced 90% of the bugs mentioned on these forums and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have seen other bugs that are not mentioned on the forums as well. You need millions of play sessions to polish a game of this scale. And no company can hire hundreds of thousands of testers. As you can see, I am not playing down the bugs. I am simply accepting the fact that the price of FM is not only $50 or euros or whichever currency you're using, but also playing and reporting the bugs so they do get found. It's either that, or we don't get enough new features with every version. Then people would probably start complaining that we're just paying for squad updates and a few minor improvements
  14. CDkeys.com seems to offer two different deals, one without beta and one with beta. Is this site legit? Never used it before.
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