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  1. Hi there, I am having serious problems with my Monaco save. I've played 9 games thus far; 1W, 4D and 4L. Can't seem to keep possession at all, concede in almost every game... failing miserable. Please help! My main problems are; I've watched a few games and it is evident that my playmakers are getting isolated. The attacking mids as well as forwards don't provide any options, they just sit behind their marking watching their teammate getting tackled. My players never challenge the ball from a goal kick. My forwards never challenge the ball from a corner clearance. Forwards never make runs. Falcao (before he got injured) has had numerous 1on1s but can't score for love nor (a ridiculous amount of) money. However, internationally he is banging them in. Always concede despite defenders having great games (ratings of ~8 regularly). I've tried to tweak the setup slightly so that they try and play more centrally as my current forwards can't header the ball well at all. Despite this, my wingers don't ever run inside, they just cross into a maul of defenders. Have a few screenshots on photobucket. Kept on getting an error when I tried to upload them directly to this thread. Happy to upload my save but don't know how. Middle tactic 5-1-4: http://s122.photobucket.com/user/Simaster_Kurt/media/ASMonacoFootballClubSA_TacticsOverview-3.png.html Defensive tactic 4-5-1: http://s122.photobucket.com/user/Simaster_Kurt/media/ASMonacoFootballClubSA_TacticsOverview-2.png.html Offensive tactic 4-2-4: http://s122.photobucket.com/user/Simaster_Kurt/media/ASMonacoFootballClubSA_TacticsOverview.png.html Fixture history: http://s122.photobucket.com/user/Simaster_Kurt/media/ASMonacoFootballClubSA_FixturesSchedule.png.html Assistant Report: http://s122.photobucket.com/user/Simaster_Kurt/media/ASMonacoFootballClubSA_TacticsOverview-4.png.html Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Kurt
  2. No issues here - with Napoli and have 4 feeder clubs (one is in the Serie A with me which is quite odd).
  3. Only have 1 'proper' save and thats with Napoli and I'm into my 3rd or 4th season. Think the most I ever pay is ~750k. I'd much rather spend millions on a 20something that is established, on form and who I don't have to babysit. Plus, I may move clubs and then I wouldn't get to cash-in on my investment. Is there a special technique to finding regens? I let my head of scouting create assignments so don't really know what I'd be looking for... just players under 16?
  4. Hello, Currently in my 4th season with Napoli. Won the CL last season and am at the stage of registering my club for the group phase. However, you need a minimum of 4 players who have trained at the club for 3 years between their 15-21st birthday. I only have 2. It won't let me submit my squad... what do I do? EDIT: I actually have 7 players who would qualify, but 5 of them are on loan and I can't seem to recall. Thanks
  5. As someone previously mentioned, I had loads before the update and not many since. Did have one game yesterday where I had the kick-off at half time and their keeper was half way up their side when the ref blew the whistle to kick off. Safe to say Cavani just booted it up there and scored. Was very odd indeed.
  6. Thank you for the responses. Can it be the case that their adaptability is so low that it would take many, many years before they even learnt the basic language? I'll just have to hope Pedro keeps playing how he is. I intend on leaving Napoli after my contract (4 years) so I can see whether I was juts lucky with Napoli Thanks
  7. Hi! Please bare with me if this is somewhat of a, 'newbie' question. This is my first ever Football manager so I'm still working things out! So far, after having 5 absolute dire saves, I'm now half way into my third season with Napoli and I must say I am absolutely dominating. (It's the team, not me. All I change is the squad; tactics stay the same!) I do, however, have two questions that I hope you could answer. 1) In my second season I bought Marc Der Stegern (spelling, sorry at work!) as de Sanctis (spelling again) decided he wanted to retire. He is now 5 star and has numerous clean sheets. However, his communication is at 19 but still, after a year and a half he still only knows German. Regularly I get the message saying the language barrier is preventing Stegern from playing well during the game. Is there anyway of speeding this up? I bought in a 16 year old Striker and after a couple of months he has already learnt basic Italian. 2) I don't remember exactly when, I think half way into my first season as Napoli, my DoF purchased Pedro Paulo (he's now 20 years old with a 4.5 star potential) I never really played him until this season. The reason I've decided to play him now is because he is absolutely unstoppable. Alongside Cavani, they regularly set each other up every game, with both scoring all the time. Even when Cavani isn't there, Pedro will regularly tear up the oppositions defence and score multiple goals. What I don't understand is that Pedro is rated as 2 stars, and his stats are below-average at best. His 'best' skills are in speed, yet he often takes the ball wide and crosses in fantastic balls, with only crossing of 13. He'll happily take players on with dribbling of 11 and will more often then not beat a keeper 1-on-1 with 14 as finishing. His mental stats are pretty average, all sub-14 yet this guy is a force to be reckoned with! (easily the top goal scorer of Serie A. He just won the world golden boy award aswell) After showering his praise, I was hoping someone could tell me if it's common that someone with average stats can play amazing (form, team cohesion etc). Maybe this is his 'peak' and after this/next season he'll detoriate? Apologies for the essay. Got carried away! Thanks
  8. Many thanks for the responses! I can't recall what the scouts comment was about him, I'll have to have a check tonight. What's the benefit of having a tutor? My staff suggested a couple players have a tutor but the options in the private chat were highlighted blue so I didn't have to think about what it's about. I suppose it just helps them develop quicker? My best player is a 4 star star Striker. Pavel P..... (impossible Russian name to pronounce) so maybe Snape could be a top international? One last question: When sorting out 5 star's training, is it best to make him focus on an individual position (he's a striker) or train attributes that are lacking? Thanks!
  9. Hi, This is my first Football Manager (absolutely loving it at the moment, racked up too many hours after work) so please bare with me! Finished my first season with Reading (just avoided relegation) and about 1/4 of the way into my second. On the start of my second season I got an intake of youngsters and one of them has the potential of 5 stars (he's aged 15/16). At first I thought I'd found someone to rival Messi, but from reading these forums it seems that the current/potential star ratings are relative to your squad or something..? Anyway, I digress. My training facilities are 5 star and I've recently convinced the board to upgrade my youth facilities. My problem is, Snape (my 5 star potential) has the current ability of 1 star and I can't risk rotating my first team too much as I've had a poor start to the season. I've put him into the reserves squad hoping that he'll benefit from top of the range training facilities and some reserves football but my reserves manager hasn't played him once! I thought maybe he's too young (don't follow football a great deal) so I put him back into the U18 squad and the manager there won't play him either. My micromanagement skills are appalling, hence why I've got those two squads automated, but I was wondering if there is a way to make the manager play him so that he can improve and reach his potential? I don't really want to loan him out in case the team's training facilities aren't as good. Although, saying that, I did try to loan him out to my feeder club (in League 1) but he didn't want to go. Thanks!
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