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  1. Finaly got time to look at V4 last night, half read tips and played a couple of games struggled to score and lost to one shot one goal games. So I re read a lot and found one vital thing I missed - it is so important to tweak EACH individual player sliders to yours players, but leave team instructions mostly alone. Example: Put long shots for players good at this Short plassing for good passers of the ball. Long shot for players good at this... and so on. Spent nearly 1 hour tweaking all the individual players and what a difference. More good chances, more posession, 2 wins and 2 clean sh
  2. Cheers for this, your work is apreciated. I will look forward to trying this later.
  3. Hi FuSS Maybe you've answered this before, but I've scanned the thread and can't stop it. What training do you use? As my strikers (Rooney / Smith / Baptista - with Smith as Target Man) can't score at all, defense no problem, I'm getting chances but most shots are off target, so I guess its my training schedules Thanks
  4. I have been using all versions over 2 seasons now and I've found with V3 if I'm struggling to score, but seem ok at the back, for 10 mins or so I have pushed the mentality up to "attack" or in desperate times "all out attack". This has been getting me a few winning goals, mostly scored by Rooney who is not the target man.
  5. Home and away versions sound great, it'll be one way to stop the AI from cracking your tactics.
  6. Nice to see you back. Have been using v2 for two thirds of the season now and things strated to go a bit wrong. Having read through the thread, I made a few changes - put the b-arrows on the full backs, halved the f-arrows on the wingers and dropped the left striker to AMC position with a f-arrow to his old place, and next game I won 2-0 at Chelsea. A big improvement and the AMC got a good few shots on goal from this position, the 2 goals were scored by the lone FC. Looking forward to v3. KUTGW!
  7. I have been using v1 since the start of the season playing as Man U, and not really scoring, using Saha and Rooney, tried both as target man, I was winning & drawing most games but with narrow margins. Tonight I tried v2 and changed to Smith as target man - what a turn around. Won 5-0 vs Fulham 2 for rooney 2 for smith. Next a EC match (Against a Norwegian team) and at half time its 5 - 0 with 2 each again for Smith & Rooney. I know both are weaker opposition, but I had been struggling to score against simelar teams before. So after only 2 games with v2 (and Smith) I am seeing a
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