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  1. Darko Pancev

    Shot Online - Golf game

    Aye, was good fun. Recollect playing a few rounds against some on that list, screenshots embedded in my neurons . Vague rememberances of a tournament thread, don't know if it ever got completed.
  2. Darko Pancev

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    Just viewed the season's penultimate episode. Terrific. Every time it closes one door, another two open.
  3. Darko Pancev

    Russia V Slovakia Group B - KO 14:00

    Don't buckle Slovakia:mad:
  4. Darko Pancev

    Russia V Slovakia Group B - KO 14:00

    Hamsik. Woof!
  5. Darko Pancev

    RIP David Bowie

    Difficult to convey how gutting it is. Really one of a kind.
  6. Darko Pancev

    Super League & NRL - 2013!

    Amazing game that. Had expected England to be bullied a bit, but they matched up to NZ so well for so long, with chances to go clear and yet they just couldn't play the last minute.
  7. Darko Pancev

    Android Phone

    Have had a Transformer Prime for the past couple of weeks, about 480 -sh Uk pounds for the 64GB Wi- Fi and keyboard here in Taiwan (although I'm still waiting for the keyboard dock to arrive sometime next week)- think it's actually cheaper if you order from the States. Firstly, it is beautiful, light and graceful. The aluminium back cover keeps it's cool, and is classy. Secondly, there have been big problems with the GPS because of the aluminium cover blocking the signal, so if this is an important feature, you would definitely need a 3G version. Thirdly, Honeycomb feels quite perfunctory, it lacks the grace and ease you feel like you should be getting from this device; the Ipad software felt slicker. There is some useful stuff pre-installed, but at the moment there are very few apps, designed for honeycomb. The big question is whether ICS will utilise it's hardware capabilities.. Bought this is a replacement for a net book, which I use at work at lot, so the design feature of a dockable keyboard was the big sell for me. Saying that, whilst waiting for the dock, have enjoyed using a touch pen to jot notes, and that is an important feature I will continue to use. The display is beautiful, it's great for showing videos and presentations, and tethering it to my mobile is no problem- does everything I need it to do and more. A friend of mine who works for ASUS once told me not to buy their products on launch as they are never fully ready, but I think with last the update 2 days ago they have sorted the main Wi-fi/ GPS issues. It's just a case of whether ICS delivers.
  8. Couple of the Spaniards were in the box when the kick was taken, ref was within his rights to order a re-take.
  9. Darko Pancev

    Last 16 - Argentina v Mexico, BBC1, 7.30

    Cameraman just got slapped?
  10. Well, this game's a bit mental. Keeper asking to be lobbed there. Hang on Slovakia!!!!!
  11. What the deuce is going on here?