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  1. The player development is clearly one of the weakest aspects of Fm21 to me. I totally agree with OP, and in addition the players stop devolop much too soon. Usually there is little devolopment past age 22-23 where many just hit the PA=CA in regards to star rating. The whole reaching PA cap too soon is pointless unrealistic. There are a huge number of players who reach their peak late in their career, in fact most do, but a couple of really good examples is Jamie Vardy and Jordan Henderson. Now I do understand that having a PA that is more generous could lead to some players turning into G
  2. Yes this is a huge gap in FM's training features that I can't believe hasn't been fixed. Been this way like forever.
  3. Well congestions will happen, but no not like this with sat, tue, thu and cupfinal saturday again. IRL the FA cup final is may 29th. Round 38 and 37 of PL are played 23rd and 15th. If a games get postponed then ofc there can be one placed between 15th and 23rd, but obviously not after 23rd. Again this has been a problem in all FM I can remember.
  4. At the very end os season 1 now, Then something happens that I always hope you guys woukd be able to weed out each and every year: Matches too close to eachother. Now I have Sat, tue, thu, and saturday again. Last saturday the FA cup final, 3 games before all in PL. I guess this means that the problems with 2 matches following days will happen later too. I cant understand how come this is so hard to fix once and for all.
  5. Regarding Liverpool's younger players: I dont know when the scouting was done and the decitions made for their skill level, potential and sutch, but they clearly need a revamp before launch. I'm talking pretty much as a whole but if FMs evaluation on both CA and PA on particurarly C. & Rhys Jones, Billy Koumetio, and Neco Williams is right then Klopp and his team have no clue at all.
  6. Yes, you are right from my experience too but this is not very intuitively. That TI SHOULD mean that when the team is instructed to pass the ball around (often in comical fashion) instead of shooting, players are also instructed to postion themselves or run into space to receive these passes. The TI should not only be about the passer, but also the receivers. However, with that being said the receivers of the passes needs to be in the general area to make sutch runs or position themselves. The TI can't and shouldn't magicly install teammembers around and isolated striker if he gets the ball an
  7. Some matches the ball is red - while of course the pitch is green. For me being colorblind red/green it is almost impossible to follow the ball. I see no reason why the ball couldn't always just be white as normal
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