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  1. Yes they are. And yes, this is a huge problem. And I play WITH that high defensice line. For the last 7-8 seasons I have had the best central defenders in the world, and they look like ******** ducks standing still while balls pass over their heads to forwards running through channels. And no, they dont have concentration issues stat wise, apart from one. I pretty much accept that must be prepared to let in a couple of goals each game.
  2. I played that formation ealry on in my save, before I got the players I wanted, and used to Mazzalas in Midfield. Tried 1 carr ond 1 BoxtoBox but there was not enough space between my midfielders. Was a little reluctant to try Mazzalas as I feared they would work properly being a new role... but eventually tried it and...wow. By using 2 mazzalas you get proper spacing between then and the DM and AP, they work great with WBs and gives your system some needed wide (wide-ish) play. About support or attack duty for mazzalas, its alot about balance of the entire team, and also how much risk you want to take. Personally I find that A-duty is about too much, they will often be too far in attack to help in defence, but maybe you can live with that having a DM on D-duty.
  3. Been playing 2x CB and 2xWB in DM strata for years and years (it was CM, not FM when I started this) - that is change from FB to WB when I have aquired good enoughg WBs. You need those WBs to be be pretty awsome for it to work ok, and even then you need to accept that you will leave room behind the WBs, crosses against will be frequent. This also means the CBs need great skills in anticipation, jumping reach and heading. As well as being rather fast to cover all the space. Your WBs needs work rate and stamina as stated above, but they also need to be very fast to catch up to oposing wingers and if your WBs dont manage to keep the ball for some reason, they often loose it and concede dangerous room behind them. It's a challenge to make it work and not look st0pid, but makes for highly entertaining games when it works.
  4. What is your Team mentality? I have not had this problem on FM 18, but have before, when not being particular about team mentality. My team mentality is Driven, and that actually should mean they win sutch matches to a larger degree than teams with lesser team mentalities..
  5. I use a midfield trio all in the MC strata as follows: DLP (d) flanked by mazzala (s) on each side. That combo leaved the distance between DLP and mazzalas pretty perfect for my team. The clue however is the link up with my wingbacks. I use 2 WB (s) in the DM strata and I use the "look for underlap" TI. This pretty much means my WBs doesnt very often run all the way down, but stops at the height of the peneltybox, mazzala makes the underlap, gets the ball and runs int the box or passes to my strikers. When shifting the mazzalas to attack duty they will run further into the box. Works well, but mazzalas on attack duty leaves the team way to voulnerable defensively. On support they contribute well in defence with the right players playing in the positions.
  6. Yes, you are right from my experience too but this is not very intuitively. That TI SHOULD mean that when the team is instructed to pass the ball around (often in comical fashion) instead of shooting, players are also instructed to postion themselves or run into space to receive these passes. The TI should not only be about the passer, but also the receivers. However, with that being said the receivers of the passes needs to be in the general area to make sutch runs or position themselves. The TI can't and shouldn't magicly install teammembers around and isolated striker if he gets the ball and your tactic is set up to isolate him... The TI should obviously not correct broken tactids in that regard, but it should play a larger role for the (potential) receivers of passes.
  7. I do agree that his Finnishing attribute should be 20, as should his composure. However, appart from that we are talking about a player that is quite limited compared to Messi, ronaldo, Neymar: Kane will never be that kind of player so while his attributes could have been bumbed in the above mentioned areas, others could just as well been nerfed. IMO his CA/PA, attribute spread and general discription is almost spot on. If he were to receive a bumb in the comming update I would not agree.
  8. I was probably unclear in my post. The essence is my player is full green circle natural for the role of WB when playing the role of WB in the DL position (D strata). However he is only 50% green circle natural for the role of WB when playing that role in the WB L position (DM strata). AFAICR the attributes required are more or less the same, if not the same, for the WB role wether in D or DM strata. Point being that attribute distribution doesnt seem to be dictating the role suitability (the way it should).
  9. As it is now this is imo broken. Rolesuitability should be taken out of the game. You cant train it, players rarely improve/change. Even with training those attributes from the age of 16 doesnt seem to change it. An example: (cant link, sitting at work...) I have a player, natural at DL (in D strata) and perfect full green circle for the role og wingback. I trained him as WB (in DM strata) and after a while became natural at playing in that position - BUT not for the role of wingback in DM strata. There he is stuck at 50% filled green circle. Now if role suitability doesnt matter, then remove it. If it does matter, fix this please.
  10. Some matches the ball is red - while of course the pitch is green. For me being colorblind red/green it is almost impossible to follow the ball. I see no reason why the ball couldn't always just be white as normal
  11. Good question and I hope someone knows. It SHOULD affact players, but I havent seen any changes though IMO it should be a factor for increesing leadership ability.
  12. Its the tone and wording which comes out kinda...unpolished.
  13. Myself I tend to rely on subs too. Almost all the time. Part of the reason being that most of the games are won with huge numbers anyway. But from time to time, even when winning, I do change player dutys. I play a crazy AF(a) – DLF(s) - - CF(a) Mazz(s) - - DLP - - Mazz (s) WB(s) - - - - - WB(s) DC - DC And changes occurs most frequently to WBs. IF I see it is needed I change them to either (d) or (a). Same with the Mazz, I put one or both on (a) if I am chasing goals and am feeling desperate. I hardly ever change defensive line height, but it has happened. Yes, it is a crazy formation, but my internal rules for FM, decicided when it was still CM, is that I have to play with only 2 DC, WBs in DM strata and atleast 2 strikers. And relevant to Cleans OP, I’m not dictated by how my opposition plays at all. So yeah, I do occationally loose 0-3, but my rules… 😊
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