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  1. So, I had a go and the competition does reschedule, but the competition itself does not restart. Did you encounter a similar problem?
  2. Whoa! I'm going to try your concacaf file tomorrow. Also, I am going to give your Conifa file a go. I am a big fan of the actual conifa tournament and really appreciate the format you chose to implement it in fm 20. It makes me very happy to see the very capable work of someone who seems to share my excitement for small competitions and nations.
  3. It could be, if it runs from March to May, rescheduling in January should give you enough time. Would you like me to do a simulation?
  4. Hi zamzem, this really is a thing of beauty. Do you have any idea how to make the leagues reschedule themselves after the first year? This thing is way too beautiful to run just for one season.
  5. Hi, I am working to integrate the Caribbean Club Shield with the CONCACAF League en CONCACAF Champions League. At this point I put some work in the Caribbean Club Shield, but when testing the rules, I bump up against the error that the number of teams in the final must be divisible by 2. By my count, its 2 (16 teams qualify for the tournament, 8 qualify from the quarter final, 4 for the semi final and 2 for the final), but I can't seem to get this to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi, Football Manager 2020 was working alright, and then I downloaded the in-game editor. Now, whenever the game starts, it crashes right after the SI logo appears. I have tried re-installing the game without the pre-game editor, but this has had no effect. I looked for a crash dump in the crash dump folder, but it is empty. I am also using the Canadian and Gibraltar DLC, as well as some custom league files.
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