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  1. leotavo

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Holiday waiting is too slow. any idea?
  2. After download and install FM17 on Steam, i click Play, a pop-up windows appears written "Preparing to launch Football Manager 2017", and, secondly, the windows closes, and nothing happens. Windows updated, DirectX and .NET Framework installed. Driver's video board updated. Dxdiag normal. Sorry ma english too bad.
  3. Fm17 Reinstalled, and nothing. No Antivirus. No Programs interfering Steam Directx updated .Net Framework 4.7 updated graphic drivers updated. Help me, please!
  4. Only Windows Defender. Any another sugestion?
  5. leotavo

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Championship Sux!!!
  6. leotavo

    Change unique id

    Is it possible to modify the unique id of an FM item?
  7. leotavo

    Change unique id

    Do you can explain it?
  8. leotavo

    Change unique id

    new 3d stadiums
  9. leotavo

    Updating a Mod after Bugs found?

    Will this be fixed?
  10. leotavo

    Game won't start

    sharing steam account?
  11. leotavo


    What happens when you click the button "check (Confirm)"?