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  1. Hi all, Forgive my ignorance here, where can I find links to download the latest tactics for the beta?
  2. Hi bud, First I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you put into creating these tactics, and, posting home for free. Be great to see you whip up a 'shield wall' tactic. Dear god i loved that one on FM19.
  3. The growing prominence of dreaded football agent . . . An option to dispatch a football agent to sign/sell player x. For example, managing Arsenal. You've tried to sell Ozil, both by offering him to clubs yourself and/or via the DoF. Nope, no takers. You employ an agent to act as an intermediary to sell the player. If successful, the 'downside' would be the agent secures a tasty percentage of the transfer fee. This could also feed into other aspects for the game. For example, when a team is looking to sign one of your players via an agent - football agent x has been seen with player y. Also feeding into press conferences.
  4. Hi, Player liaison officers are all the rage amongst the so called bigger clubs now. They help the player settle in by finding them homes, schools for their kids, even restaurant suggestions for their other halfs. How could this this feed into the game? The Player Liasion officer could also have a rating. Based on this, they help the player settlel quicker.
  5. loopybee

    Data analysts.

    Hi, How about the chief data analyst learns your style of tactics and suggests players that would slot in seamlessly with your tactics? They could also highlight players from different leagues to notify you of them 'over perfoming' given the league/team they're in. Giving you an early opportunity to secure their signature.
  6. Hi all, This may well have been previously suggested . . . Scouts produce and constantly update a best 11 from league x. You'd be able to configure this best 11 by current potential/ability, future potential, nationality, language spoken, citizenship or average rating amongst others.
  7. Hi all, Analytics? I'd like to see the inclusion of an analytics department. Their findings can feed into scouting, as well as making suggestions about how to set your team up against forthcoming opposition, training players to strengthen their weaknesses and so on. This department could highlight Prozone statistics in a clear and concise couple of paragraphs. Be great if anaytics staff could also have their own ratings.
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