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  1. This tactic is amazing! I'm managing Boston United and have used my own created counter attacking tactic with great success, gaining promotion every year and now I'm the first season in Premier League. 20 matches in to the season and I only recorded three wins and four draws, but switched to this tactic and the results are extremely good. 9-2-0 record since switching. Won against Man United out shooting them 24-5, and my players are not even very good, basically championship quality. The amount of clear chances created every game is remarkable. Thank you for this tactic, Franky. Great work!
  2. I've been using this tactic in the first season with Basingstoke in Skrill South. Works great for me! Been altering between the two versions depending on the opposition.
  3. Yeah it happens now and then when you play in lower leagues. Multiple postponed games due to unplayable pitch is always the reason why the games stack up like that, for me at least. Damn you English winter.
  4. I used to save before negotiating contracts for important players sometimes so I could always go back if they broke down. But these days I never cheat in any way, it just takes away the satisfaction when you're winning something.
  5. In FM2013 I had two regens from Finland who became world-class. This was maybe almost 20 seasons in to the game though so it can take a while I guess.
  6. After two consecutive promotions (now playing in the Swedish second tier) I struggled in my third season and barely escaped relegation. Tried this tactic now at the start of the new season and so far 4W, 2D, 1L.. Great so far, thank you! I actually used your older tactic on FM2012 and it was great too.
  7. Robbie Keane on CM3 and Joe Cole on CM 01/02 are probably my favourite signings in CM/FM history! Although I also remembering selling Cole after 6-7 years to Real Madrid for £150m just because I couldnt refuse the money! Also remember the Icelandic gem SiÞorsson (or something like that) from an old CM-game. He was pretty much a cheat player though but I always bought him.. :o
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