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  1. Zeman and shorter passing? WTF ?) Zeman style is super super vertical football. I think it s should be more direct or Route one And right and left CM Imo Mez(s) or Mez(A)
  2. I am a big fan 3 strikers formations with exciting game and lot lot of goals . iN 19 FM 3 Strikers tactics very good for me but not enough goals(for me FM 18 was much much better) And I still cant find perfect partnership In FM 18 for me best variant was 2 Advanced forwards and Complete forward(Support) left or right but im FM 19 this not works great Your thoughts about best Strikers partnerships for FM19
  3. In my save I want to take job in club(CBR Brazil) And they don t suggest me job interview because "significant core of club supporters dislikes you" And this the same issue many times in different years(also chairman changed) What reason for this and how I may to take job in this club?
  4. After update I have a small problem with player searching. When I change player filter and start search complete list loading few seconds(5-6) and game litle bit freezes. Before update it was only one second and players list completely ready. How solve this problem ?
  5. 1 Min save with prefix and 3-4 now i-7 8 GB RAM Not SSD
  6. Sorry, i think this tactic(and all other IRL replication) impossible in the current patch. Match Engine unbalanced, all dangerous attacks exploit the flanks, my team don t attack exploit the middie )
  7. I try to use trequartista with " shoot less" and roam from position up front
  8. I watch some Cagliari games this season, Zeman 2 CM(Crisetig and Ekdal) often shifted to the flanks and average positions look so for example last match with Lazio http://www.whoscored.com/Matches/865874/MatchReport Any ideas how recreate it for FM 4-3-3?
  9. I love Zeman style and I try to adapt it in FM 15. I post my progress Sorry for bad English
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