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  1. Dear SI, Should I start a new save or should we wait today for a new update? Paul can you please give us any feedback about the ME update? Thank you
  2. Hi SI, Can we expect an FM update today or continue in tests? I look forward to hearing from you Thank you
  3. I´ve tried two games and Man utd was the only team winning by five goals, however i really appreciate SI effort to make the customers happy.
  4. Hi, Please note that i have the game since the beta release and since then the issues are the same. But thank you for your reply full of irony
  5. Good Morning Paul, Can you please inform if the AI was also reviewed because I already saw a few unrealistic results. Thanks
  6. Next week:eek:, I thought that the update was supposed to be out this week. I bought a game to stay almost 1 month taking dust.
  7. Can you please inform us a date for the update. I want to play fm 2013 this weekend. Thank you
  8. My team Benfica won 7-1 against Bayern and is not the first unrealistic game that i noticed. Can you please verify this situation?
  9. Good Afternoon, After playing some hours I think the this game need some work but is far from being unplayable however i´ve noticed some unrealistic results in the champions league for example: Celtic winning 6-0 to shakhtar donetsk or basel winning 6-0 against Porto or Nordsjælland winning 4-0 against Chelsea. Thank you
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