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  1. Is it possible to boot up FM and play it without the internet? I'm getting my eyes lasered on wednesday and i have to wait around after for like 3 hours. Seems like a good opportunity to get season 1 finished at Lewes
  2. Hooray Padders. I definitely have to start my challenge now.
  3. That is a cracking team to have gotten. What a name!
  4. Have you been updating much Swinburn? I dont feel like i've read many of your exploits this year. I swear you had compelted it twice by this time last year
  5. Nice naoeneko. (You'll have to excuse me in future if I spell your name horribly poorly). That's a shame Lewis Would have enjoyed the race to promotion. This town was big enough for the both of us.
  6. Lewis managing Lewes the same day I start with Lewes. The race to promotion at the Dripping Pan is on!
  7. Newcastle winning a decent trophy in 2017.... I can dream.
  8. Good luck Padders! Having reloaded a bit, I decided to go with Lewes since my grandad lives down that way, and the fact the play at The Dripping Pan makes me chuckle. Manager Profile If someone could check and tell me if thats all in order I'd be grateful
  9. Don't worry, you'll skate through the playoffs if you dont make automatic
  10. Decided to restart completely rather than going forward with a Met Police save since the patch. Starting to holiday now. Are fullbacks fixed? If not, thinking of going with a 3atb.
  11. I might be wrong. I just seem to remember last year after my side got amazing that some top quality players (as in, world class) were ranked 2.5-3 stars as I had the best on the game in their position.
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