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  1. Beginning of 3rd season a had a transfer budget of more than 1 billion!! And then suddenly it became NEGATIVE. I couldnt do anything anymore... Really WTF... I had to quit that great carreer game because of this probably bug
  2. Argus or pilgrimage for last update 18.3.4 ? Similar? I have plenty of injuries with tactics with high intensity. Whats the solution for that?
  3. FM18 is remarkably slow in processing compared to FM17. I have a really very high-end PC so thats not the problems. Is there something I can do to boost up FM18 processing speed? Clearing the cache can help or not at all? thanks in advance !
  4. Where can i download the 343s tactic please? Or did you mean in general all tactics with 343? Which 343 tactic is the best?
  5. I would like to know how to unlearn dwells on ball ? Dybala has it, andi think it is a negative ppm
  6. Question: How to easily manage and cancel the competitions etc that i want to follow and not ??
  7. I have holidayed for 3 seasons and than checked the transfer market. There have been not so many transfers
  8. How do you check which version you have ? I have a very high-end laptop, but FM17 performance is very very poor... thanks for help
  9. is there also a code to launch the game in maximized window without edges ??
  10. Hello. I have got a new laptop since 2 weeks and on that laptop FM16 keeps starting in full-screen mode and it freezes. I have to open the task manager the make it unfreeze Then each time I change the settings --> I always chose "maximized window without edges" and I click on confirm ---> again freeze and again I have to open task manager to get it unfreezed... But next time I launch FM16 it again launches in full-screen mode and of course freezes again. The new laptop is a MSI GS63VR Please help... thanks
  11. Is a core i7-6200U or 6500U powerful enough to run FM16 on best possible performance ? Or is core i7-6700HQ a better option?
  12. scout report for alaba says: expected wage between 210 - 245k for pogba scout report says: expected wage between 300 - 345k
  13. yeah both scouted and both want to join my team. Maybe it is normal that they ask 13m-16m signing fees ??
  14. Dear FM community. I have a lot of trouble trying signing top players in FM2016. I'm managing arsenal start first season and have bids accepted for e.g. Pogba (105m €) , Alaba (46m €) But the problem comes when contract negotiatons start... Pogba wants 400k wage and 20m siging fee !! Alaba wants 325k wage and 13m signing fee !! I tried 10 times but impossible to make them accept any lower contract... Is there any guide / advice to negotiate with top players ?? thanks in advance !!
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