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  1. Hmmm... seems like something SI should definitely implement in the next installment then.
  2. Basically, me and my mate I currently playing FM, he's playing as United and is on his second season, while I'm on my 8th with Blackpool. It would be fun if we could set our teams to play against each other in some way, is that possible without requiring a ton of edits to the database?
  3. I have a game up to 2018 with Blackpool, if anyone wants to know anything specific...
  4. Jesus Fernandez Saez! He should be -11!!! No seriously, that guy's got talent, should be at least -9.
  5. So it all depends on reputation? Nothing more? Nothing's hard coded?
  6. Can this be done? Or is it hard coded... sorry for not searching it but the search function must be broken or something...
  7. That's a very very naive to look at it honestly. Just because it says crossing is good for a full back doesn't mean that a player is **** as a full back if he has low crossing. Why? Simple, if you are a team that relies on attacking power by creative off the ball movement and through balls to strikers that are not exactly giants with great heading and jumping like my team, **** crossing, who needs it? Even if you have a 20 in crossing fullback, he'll never reach your strikers anyway. And my full backs are that, full backs, not wing backs. Their primary task is to defend the flanks and stop counter attacks because my team is worse that Barca when it comes to possession and attacking. That's why that if I had that full back I'd be super duper happy because he has everything I need, way better than my current one. But I've seen your striker, Gambino and he really is a beast in the air, and if your tactics are so that you use you fullbacks a lot in attack, I imagine why you'd say crossing is important, but still, having someone like Gambino upfront renders that less important again since any cross would reach him... unless you hade someone as ****** as around 5 in crossing.
  8. A full back doesn't really need good crossing, that's optional, his role is to support the attack aside from his primary role, defending the flanks, doesn't mean he can do it just by crossing. Nether does he really need jumping, he is a full back and not a centre back, therefore he needs pace, which he has plenty, and together with the high anticipation, concentration and decision making he has, of course he is a class full back. As SCIAG pointed out, he lacks a few physical presence, it will hinder him, but I think that with good training he can be a good poacher, having his finishing, off the ball to 19-20 and his physical stats to around 12 and trust me, he will be amazing. Maybe not a regular starter but still amazing.
  9. Hmmm... will be doing some testing with FMRTE, giving me ridiculous amount of money, ask for a stadium the whole time and see what the boards response would be, then just offset the cost of the stadium by going on debt... problem solved!
  10. Being a Kosovar and student in Pristina, it would be massive if I could take on FK Pristina and go for glory, that'd be totally ****ing awesome! I hope you guys include this, and if you need any info at any stage for Kosovo or Albania, just PM me.
  11. Try loading FM09 only, to see if it works or not, if not, reinstall. But god only knows why you want to play 2 FM's at the same time though...
  12. I have the stadium filled at full capacity all the time, looked into my reputation and it's 8800 for my club, I'm a world class reputation manager myself obviously, guess I just need 2-3 seasons more of not much spending and winning everything...
  13. I'm playing Real Sociedad, 6th season just starting now in FM 2010. Last year I finally managed to win a trophy, won in fact 2, the league and the CL. Got 60m Pounds in the bank and now I'm wondering: 1) Stadium. I have a 35000 seater stadium, average attendance is 35000 but quite low for a club of my statue. So I was wondering, what does it take for the board to approve a new stadium? I know you need to have the average attendance constantly at full capacity but how much money do you need? I asked for expansion, they responded that there is not enough space for an expansion. 2) The two seasons before last one, I got only till the group stage in the CL, finished 3rd both times and got 'relegated' to the UEFA cup, where I got knocked in the 1st round 1st time, and in the 2nd round the following year. Both years I got 21m of TV revenue while last year, winning the CL, i got only 18m. Is this normal? Thought since I have gone and won the whole thing, I would get a lot more than 21m... and was disappointed with the total price money, 20m at max. Inter got 120m in total for winning the CL in real life. I need this money because I want to achieve a new stadium. 3) Newgens are totally **** most of the time, and I'm running 30 leagues. I know this is a known problem but is there anyway to fix this, like a mod or something in the forums? Their natural fitness always is below 10 FFS! I've used FMRTE to improve the Youth Facilities of every club in the save for about 2 points, didn't really make a difference.
  14. Top scorer in La Liga, 2nd to vucinic for the golden ball or whatever it's called...