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  1. Never mind, I've fixed it and now can't delete this thread. My bad
  2. This may be the wrong place to put it, but I can't think where else. But the Steam-created desktop icon doesn't show up. Just the blank white page icon. Any ideas how to get my '18' icon back?
  3. I've found this a really big issue on 16 in particular, but does everyone else suffer with wingers/FBs getting to the byline in the area, then instead of firing it across the box for a tap in, shooting from an impossible angle and hitting the side netting? Is there any way to fix it? I know about the "pass over shoot" PPM but I worry that will stop my wingers shooting full stop, which obviously will dry up my goals. Bit unsure on the best protocol here?
  4. I'm doing a LLM/Journeyman save, and have got myself from the Conference (keeping Torquay up), to Chester (keeping Chester up and developing them), to AFC Wimbledon (keeping them in L2, rebuilding and coming close to the play-offs, and then building again and getting us into the League Cup 3rd Round).... but yet no increase to my half-star Manager Profile, making it difficult to apply for jobs in leagues above. Is there no way to improve your profile? Or is it just extremely difficult?
  5. I'm new to FMT, used to the full game, but I'm finding in the match screen, the info panel is far too big/intrusive. I like knowing the match stats, but that isn't an option for the left side (where the action zones are), only the right. But likewise I like knowing the team ratings. Is there any way to change this set up? Or even to make the match info panel smaller in any way?
  6. You've just saved me ages of searching, thank you!!
  7. When is there going to be a fix to the situation where a manager praises you, but you click on their profile and it says they have a "fairly poor opinion of you", yet a anger who slates you in the press (and you do likewise) "feels the two of you can become friends". Been like this for the last couple of FMs now and it's just strange
  8. Just wondering how long it takes to complete a coaching course? I know it says 4 months but it's been over that now and I'm still "studying" for my C License
  9. Good luck! It's so difficult cos you're only really able to get semi-pro clubs and normally there's not enough money to do it, or if there is you're needed on the training ground There's also been some talk (and I've experienced it myself) of a bug where the board allow you to try for your qualifications, then a few weeks later you're able to ask them again like it's never happened, and you don't actually get a qualification. Really frustrating
  10. Just wondering if anyone's actually had it work yet? Like, telling a player to find a new club, and them hey presto a few days/weeks later you get some bids in for them? Told plenty of players to find clubs (they've agreed) but it's gone nowhere and I'm still stuck with them 12 months later. Very frustrating
  11. The ability to edit kits... idk if the 'new' kits will show up on the match engine (I'd assume they would otherwise what's the point) You kept that pretty quiet SI! Absolutely loving it
  12. Looking forward to the editor coming out, to see what can be done with it. I think a lot will be available in the editor, but this is just all we have for now because of it being the Beta. I hope, anyway!
  13. I've found, while scrolling through the FM15 EDT files, a file called Stadium Templates The contents of which are this: "FORCE_STADIUM_TEMPLATE" "Watford" "20,000 - 30,00/40-50d flat roof (2 corners)" "FORCE_STADIUM_TEMPLATE" "Kingstonian" "0 - 10,000/0-10c (0 corners, mixed top) v2" I wonder if anyone could work out what the bit after the capacity means, and how this could be used to create better stadium templates in-game?
  14. When you add a newgen, when do they come through? And, more importantly, do you have to create a new save or do they come into a current game?
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