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  1. I see FM19 has a new deep training training system, which is a great addition. Problem is if i were still young i would have time to master it, but sadly i am a grown man now and my time is very limited. How do you suggest i handle it? Is the assistant manager reliable? Also, i saw that training areas (attack, defence, etc.) now have 2 “entries” for training (tactical and technical i believe), should i hire more coaches or is 1 coach good enough to handle both entries? Thanks
  2. I agree with all of the above, and i want to add that this is the buggiest FM release i’ve ever played. Stay on FM17 and save your money.
  3. Well, you really have no right to complain if you don’t have any backup GK. I mean, I can’t think of a single logical reason why anyone wouldn’t have a backup GK.
  4. AI on transfers is sadly embarrassing. I had Real Madrid buy Dalbert from me in January (but the transfer would happen at the end of the season) for like €18m, and then right after the transfer became effective in July they sold Dalbert to Sassuolo for like €7-8m. Embarassing, but what can we do...
  5. Very strange then, as i did the same with Mbappè and managed to sign him just fine.
  6. Just wondering about it, I’m at the start of the 4th season and despite me playing in a better league and PSG failing to win anything last season, Neymar doesn’t even wanna start negotiating a contract with me (Juventus). Has anyone managed to get him off psg?
  7. Yeah, I have the same “problem” aswell, his team status is fricking back up and he has been unhappy all season. Next time look at what the contract says before signing it, buddy.
  8. Well for the last one just make a super team in the 3rd/4th division and you will get it.
  9. Isn’t it based on hidden attributes, aside from judging pa/ca? Pretty sure that “motivating” and “man management” refer to training players.
  10. Eh, I want to specify that i like the way it is made graphically and how clean the info is presented, i have nothing against that. But in my opinion it is ultimately an useless addition to the game, because 1) if i want to know for how long a player is injured i’ll just click the players profile directly, 2) I don’t care to know the injury risk % because if a player is fit (91-92+% fitness), and he’s my 1st choice for the role, i’ll play him everytime (not sure why I would ever bench him), and on the opposite side if a player has an orange injury (recovering from an injury) i’ll never play him until he has recovered. And the same goes for the dynamics feature, I don’t need 5 different screens to know that if the team is doing well the players will like me, and that if I sell my top winger the other players will be unhappy. Like I said, I got nothing with the work made behind these features, but i seriously don’t understand the decision to spend resources to include them , when there’s a bajillion other things that really matter and that are in serious need of improvement.
  11. The future is bright??? ahahahahahah yeah sure! This year we got the dynamics screen and the medical center addition which are completely totally 100% useless “features”, and i don’t expect anything different from next year’s version.
  12. Unfortunately, the future of FM is not looking very good at the moment, mainly due to a total lack of competition. The biggest issue imo is that the ME is extremely outdated and in serious need of a major overhaul, as it’s not capable of representing modern tactics decently (see: Guardiola getting sacked from City in the first 5-6 months nine times out of ten).
  13. There’s no need for that feature, just enable auto-continue at the start of the 2 weeks break and the game will auto-continue until you are forced to reply to something. And it will definitely stop when a player wants to discuss with you.
  14. I guess it’s pretty hard to write competent AI, but at least they could try!
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