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  1. He actually has been playing Poorly the last few months and lost his place in Cagliari’s starting 11 team.
  2. I see FM19 has a new deep training training system, which is a great addition. Problem is if i were still young i would have time to master it, but sadly i am a grown man now and my time is very limited. How do you suggest i handle it? Is the assistant manager reliable? Also, i saw that training areas (attack, defence, etc.) now have 2 “entries” for training (tactical and technical i believe), should i hire more coaches or is 1 coach good enough to handle both entries? Thanks
  3. Maybe i didn't express myself clearly enough in the other post, and i apologise for that. What I meant is that if an issue as big as an attribute being broken is real, it's naive to presume they aren't already aware of it, and call for SI's reply. After all it's their own game.
  4. Do you really know how the attribute system works or are you talking randomly, based on no evidence?
  5. "SI needs to take a look and investigate" Are you really that naive that you think SI doesnt know its own game? The game they test internally all year long?
  6. This thread is praiseworthy, but ultimately useless. SI just isn't going to change a match engine that makes them millions every year, no matter how much data you can submit to them.
  7. Jesus Christ, you are one of the biggest shills i've ever seen who'll blindly accept anything, as any criticism is "negativity wave". God forbid people use their brain to make some constructive criticism, right???
  8. Well if the level of importance of the new features is the same of those tweets i think i'll just download an updated database and start over in FM17.
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