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  1. Seeing my keeper just watch a cross float into the goal from 30 yards was hilarious only because goals conceded mainly are howlers. Soon as the cross was hit and bent towards goal my keeper didn't move I was saying to myself 'oh no, please move, just stick an arm out!' We're suppose to winning the championship with finishing runner up at least, but we're battling relegation haha.
  2. I usually wait till January, don't know how it got released with obvious bugs. You'd think by now they'd get the ME right for release date. Too much pressure to release it I think instead of getting it working correctly. I don't blame the developers they'll know what's wrong with it. Must be time restrictions (as always) and lack of time to test in depth since some of the ME bugs you can see after playing 5 games and other after half a season.
  3. In the game they're used to increase morale. In real life they could be for a number of other reasons and not just motivating players. In a game situation if you could have unlimited tries to get your teams morale to superb it would be a bit pointless so I think they only allow it at certain times like low morale and final pushes in the season i.e when there is reason to add extra motivation. The morale swings largely one way or the other too using the team talk which wouldn't be realistic if you could do it every week before a game. Perhaps it should be called 'motivate team' instead of team talk.
  4. Started a game in Serbia (only) as Red Star and whenever I try to enter private chat with a player (most players) the game freezes and crashes. This was repeated 3 times. More Info: Default UK settings.
  5. I change my tactics during the games more now and I even, along with staff advice, tweak the opposition instructions now(which I never did previously, I'd just leave it to my staff completely).
  6. It's more in depth that if my_team > your_team = my_team_wins This type of thing happens in real life (a lot) anyway that's why there's 20 odd team leagues and it's not 3. It's about consistency. You have to adapt and make tweaks against different teams with different styles and react to changes during games and maybe it'll pay off in your favour. After a season then you can judge it. If Sunderland win the league you know there's something wrong with the simulation Unless you've improved your squad massively as Sunderland you shouldn't expect to rollover any team without a lot of effort. Those wins against top team don't determine your performance for the rest of the season. Lots of teams take points form the top teams and drop them against lower team i.e Liverpool about 3 years ago. I play as Sunderland in fm too and it's not easy so I understand if you get frustrated
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